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  • We’re that person you barely know who you sometimes sext.

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  • Bar Crawling through Joaquín Costa, Barcelona

    Bar Crawling through Joaquín Costa, Barcelona

    I mean, I know for certain that it’s not your average ‘pay €15 for three pubs and a club’ pub-crawl. But I may have also slightly embellished the legendary status of the street

  • Barcelona – Eat – Drink – Do

    Barcelona – Eat – Drink – Do

    Bright and colourful aspects, sparkly, funky architecture, with enough greenery for garnish and enough spice for the perfect balance. Here’s a few options for ingesting and appreciating Barna.

  • La Tomatina: so much more than a tomato fight

    La Tomatina: so much more than a tomato fight

    Something about a bunch of drunk tourists running havoc on a small Spanish town and marring a years-old tradition with their overuse of waterproof cameras just made me cringe…

  • 8 Easy Steps to Fuck Up International Travel…

    8 Easy Steps to Fuck Up International Travel…

    For example – if travelling to a hot climate, invest in a heavy pair of denim overalls, because there’s no better way to impress new friends and keep your temperament down then by sweating more than a nun at a cucumber stall.

  • 5 Fiestas You Didn’t Know…..

    5 Fiestas You Didn’t Know…..

    Forget “La Tomatina” and “San Fermin” (Running of the Bulls), here are 5 Spanish fiesta’s you probably didn’t know existed – but that you must visit during your time on earth.

  • The View of a Lonely Traveler Visiting Barcelona

    The View of a Lonely Traveler Visiting Barcelona

    I’ve been waiting for it to hit me. Barcelona, the incredible city I’ve run off to to hide from all the boring parts of life that have been slowly becoming more and more necessary.

  • Prague: Police and Justice in one night

    Prague: Police and Justice in one night

    Tired, sweaty and freezing cold in the early morning air, my two friends and I had stumbled out of a club somewhere in the Prague back streets just in time to catch the 4.30 a.m. tram into the city.

  • The Rickshaw Run

    The Rickshaw Run

    Over three thousand five hundred kilometres of West Indian coastline. It’s madness; fucking awesome amazing madness, the adventure of a lifetime, and it’s all in the name of charity.

  • First days in Barcelona

    First days in Barcelona

    I spent the plane ride from Amsterdam with two Dutch men, one of whom spoke English. They were taking that KLM 737 to Barcelona for a little holiday.

  • How to Keep Yourself Clothed and On the Road

    How to Keep Yourself Clothed and On the Road

    Now you may read the title of this jarringly informative piece of journalism and think; “Get off it mate, I’ve been dressing myself for years.”

  • First Impressions: Barcelona

    First Impressions: Barcelona

    Here I was introduced to the deceiving yet potent ‘Leche de Pantera’, and after we drank enough of the milky drink we proceeded to the annual ‘Festa Major de Gracia’ for some Saturday night celebrations.

  • A Little Bottle of Boos on the Boat

    A Little Bottle of Boos on the Boat

    Monday morning. Why must you torture the poor inhabitants of the world, and especially Barcelona? It’s hard enough trying to piece together the happenings that transpired over the weekend.

  • A bender to end all benders

    A bender to end all benders

    Post Ibiza, post Munich, post campsite plague.. is it time for a detox yet?! Not quite. Some of us are having a hard time getting a decent night’s sleep, and it’s not because we aren’t trying!

  • Just for Shits and Giggles

    Just for Shits and Giggles

    To those who’ve already caught the plague, there are a few remedies: you can purchase a pill, however, please make sure to read the directions before you waste a tenner.

  • The Wheels on the Bus

    The Wheels on the Bus

    This week, yet again there are two buses leaving this sin-city. A chance to run away for a couple of days and escape alcoholism and parties… who wouldn’t take the chance?!

  • Stoke Travel Wrap – Up Special – San Vino

    Stoke Travel Wrap – Up Special – San Vino

    This is the excerpt appearing in Stokepedia list of post view

  • 7 Things to Avoid for the Nouveau Back-Packer

    7 Things to Avoid for the Nouveau Back-Packer

    In the past decade, this lowly vagabond has spent approximately twelve days outside of my beautiful adopted country of New Zealand – said time being the last twelve days.

  • Tentertainment!


    My tent or yours?Probably yours because I don’t have one.
    After a long 18 hour trip from Barcelona, all you really want to do is put your bag down, have a shower and then come back and have a quick nap before the beer chugging/skulling begins.

  • Barcelona: Day Zero Impressions

    Barcelona: Day Zero Impressions

    This morning, I am that guy shouting nonsensical statements at his laptop in a thick accent in the corner of your local café, aggression increasing steadily with each sip of the brown goodness.