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VIP Waterpark Party

Schnelle Fakten

What: VIP waterpark party done the Stoke way mixing up some of the biggest and best water slides in Barcelona, with great food, unlimited drink and a Stoke Party with DJ and VIP area.
When: 11am-6pm  everyday Friday from 7th June – Sept.
Where: Barcelona’s best waterpark
How: Book online here and turn up and splish & splash about
Cost:  30€ (+ 10€ unlimited booze)
Includes: Return transport from Barcelona (meet at 10:30am outside Hard Rock Cafe in Plaza Catalunya), full day in the waterpark, BBQ, unlimited beer and Sangria. Free Club entry in the evening



Trip Optionen

Barcelona Club Pass (30€ + 10€ unlimited booze )

including: A day at Barcelona’s Waterpark with loads of great slides, fun pools, wave machine, water chutes, burger bars, snack bars, and much much more, making for a fun day out, taking advantage of Barcelona sizzling weather. Includes free bus from Barcelona and back taking around 30 minutes.
Book here and remember to print out your booking confirmation and take it with you.

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Was ist es?

The Wickedness of Wet

The butter yellow sun shines softly. Water trickles serenely from tube to plastic blue tube. The languid, lazy summer day crawls on in the quiet countryside as children splash in paddle pools and parents peruse periodicals at their leisure. 
Then something appears on the blurry, heat waved horizon. A coach of dark, shining, steaming metal comes hurtling down the dusty path and skids to a halt. 
The doors sigh open. 
Suddenly, the peace is pulverized by dozens of young, energetic, hedonistic Stokies with a fondness of wetness and a taste for adrenaline. They bound onto the scene, their Barcelona-bronzed bodies clad in bikinis, swimsuits, flip-flops and blowup tubes, carrying BBQs, sausages, burger patties, a DJ balanced on an inflatable pink rhino, bottles and bottles of sangria, countless crates of beautiful beer….
Within seconds the scene is transformed from a calm waterpark to a chaos of fun, noise, frivolity, revelry, some of the biggest supertubes in Europe & STOKE! 
The staff throw their clipboards to the gutter, the kids chuck their ice creams to the grass and the parents discard their papers in a flurry to join in the fun as we take over the waterpark and show them how to party Stoke Style. 
We’ll slide down slip-sliders and splish on splash-splashers, we’ll speed down super tubers and bob on blowup floaters! We’ll have our own VIP section and we’ll BBQ and dance and drink and swim and party the day away. 


Meet us outside Hard rock cafe with your booking confirmation at 10:30am sharp on Fridays. Nearest metro station is Plaza Catalunya. See map for exact location


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