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Ibiza Weekenders

Holidays in Ibiza

Fast Facts

Europe’s party paradise.

Where: Ibiza
How: Meet us there or come/float with us on the ferry.
Cost150€ Meet us There (199€ in peak season),  250€ Ferry included (299€ in peak season)

Sleep: We’ll be resting our spinning heads at a party beachfront resort with a massive pool, party vibes, open bar and buffet meals.

Eat: 3 buffet plus snacks at poolside bar plus alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks all inclusive  from 11am-11pm

Inclusions: 2 nights at party hotel, 3 meals a day, open bar at hotel (11am-11pm), Guides, Pool party, discounted club entry, transport  (with ferry included option).

**Please note Ferry trips in June and September will include an overnight  ferry on the Thursday night outbound journey arriving Friday early AM, and a day ferry on the Sunday return journey arriving Sunday evening.Ferry trips in July and August will include 2 overnight Ferry journeys, one on the Thursday night outbound  trip arriving Friday early AM, and the other on the Sunday night return trip arriving Monday morning at 8am.**

Ibiza – the world’s best clubs and most beautiful people.

Price Details


Meet Us There (150€ – 199€)

including: 2 nights accommodation in a Party Resort near the beach, three meals a day, open bar at resort, Guides, Pool party


Off-Peak: May 22-24 (opening parties), June: 5-7, 19-21, 26-28, July: 3-5

Peak season (199€): July 10-12, July 31 - Aug 2,  Aug 14-16,  28-30

Off-Peak: Sept: 11-13, 25-27 closing parties


» Check Availability !


Ferry included (250€ – 299€)

including: 1 or 2 nights on overnight ferry, 2 nights accommodation in a Party Resort near the beach, three meals a day, open bar at resort, Guides, Pool party


May: 21-24 (opening parties)

June: 4-7, 18-21, 25-28 – Overnight ferry on Thursday night and day ferry return on Sunday.

Peak Season: (299€)

July: 2-6, 9-13 - Overnight ferries on Thursday night and Sunday night

Aug: 30 July-3 Aug, 13-17 Aug,  27-31 AugOvernight ferries on Thursday night and Sunday night

10-13 – NO FERRIES,  24-27 closing parties –
Overnight ferry on Thursday night and day ferry return on Sunday.



» Check Availability !



What Is It?


There's a reason why Ibiza is so popular.

It's because it's so beautiful. We mean, the place is stunning, with mountains and azure seas and perfect weather and Mediterranean foll·i·age. It's like, breathtaking, you know? Like, wow.

So it makes sense that the party animals of Europe set up their headquarters there. Y'see, these days Ibiza is more renowned for it's discos and nightclubs and sunset bars and it's dancing drugs and drinking and sex and beauty and glamour and white boats with people wearing white on them and huge sunglasses. And that's just fine, because it's in beautiful environments that these hedonistic pursuits can really flourish.

So, yeah, we love the place.

It's the world's premier party destination, without exaggeration.

So we go there not only to party, but to party while appreciating the island's natural charms.

Plus the natural charms of it's inhabitants. Because of course, if you take the world's number one party destination and plonk it on top of one of the world's most naturally delightful islands, of course the  beautiful people are going to be there.

Stoke all-inclusive Ibiza trips are like this; you can meet us there, by flying in an airplane, or you can take the ferry with us from Barcelona, however you want to roll. We get to our party beach hotel on the Friday, preferably in the morning so we can make the most of the island. On the Friday we can do some sightseeing, if that's what we want to do, or we can lounge by the pool drinking at the open bar all included in our Ibiza package deal . That night we can party at the resort or we can head into the nightclubs, whatever floats our boats.

Saturday mornings start later, due to the Friday night coming before them, but we get up and we eat at the buffet, and then we might go sightseeing, or we might again just lounge by the pool all day. There ain't nobody to tell us what to do. That night we have to go clubbing, because it's what is done in Ibiza, and we'll just go to whichever club is the best for that night. Could be Pacha, Space, or any of the scores of world class clubs that we get discounted club entry in Ibiza. We'll dance, make out, it'll be a blast!

Sunday, we go home, but not after a little more lounging by the poolside.


 What's included in the 249€?

Here's a list, it will knock your socks clean through your shoes:

- Ferry transport to Ibiza and back from Barcelona
- Beachfront accommodation
- Ibiza Party Guides
- 3 meals a day at the resort
- Open bar at the resort from 11am to 11pm
- Pool Party everyday in resort

Want to fly directly to Ibiza? Then just take 100€ off the overall price..





Which is Spanish for "i'm partying, I have no pants, and I still can't help but think how beautiful this place is", (Spanish translations probably aren't accurate, but who's checking?).

It's an overnight ride on a ferry from Barcelona, a ferry that really sets the tone for the days ahead...

We stay in a hotel where the maids have turntables attached to their dust brooms. A hotel where sleep is possible, but not really high on the list of people's priorities, where beds are more likely to be used for wrestles (pants optional), where the elevator isn't the only thing going down.

...dance moves go down too. What were you thinking?

How To Get Here?


Meet us there.

Just about every airline in Europe flies to Ibiza, so it's not hard to get cheap flight. Check out a flight aggregator website like Skyscanner, or Kayak, for the best deals.

By boat.

Ferry with us from Barcelona to Ibiza and back.








Enter your questions in the comments box below and we'll answer them here, when we get time between parting our pants off and organizing epic tours.


What's the hotel like?

For Summer Trips, we will be resting our spinning heads at a traditional beachfront resort in Es Canar with a massive pool, party vibes, open bar and buffet meals as part of our all-inclusive Ibiza package.

Rooms are clean and tidy (not that you'll be sleeping much anyway. Unless it's with a special friend, but if you're lucky enough to bring a special friend back you probably won't notice the accommodation anyway). Sooo, yeah, pretty damn sweet.

Is alcohol cheap?

As mentioned above, there's an open bar from 11 am to 11pm for the summer trips. That helps cut costs of boozing up, so you purse won't be stretched too far to get a good booze buzz going. Beware, spirits and beers in da clubs are more expensive than a high end prostitute on a Saturday night, so make the most of pre drinking and you shall be thrifty little party animals.

What clubs will we go to?

You can go wherever you want young, wild child. The hotel has parties and we will judge the best club for that night, it may be Pacha, Space or other world class party venues. We usually manage to get  great Ibiza club discounts for your entry depending on the night, time to letcha hair out and get weird.

Will I pull a hottie?

Ibiza is renowned for beautiful people dancing on boats in crisp, white swimwear, their tanned bodies glistening in the sunshine. It's also renowned for it's crazy parties. Basically what we're getting at is if you know how to play your cards right and appreciate divine, semi-clothed beauties you should be on your way to island paradiso.

How long does the ferry take to get to the island?

The ferry departs Spanish mainland at 6:30pm, goes via Mallorca and arrives at Ibiza at 8am the next morning. Ferry's in the day leave at 11am and arrive back 8pm. Don't fear! There's a bar, restaurant and movies on the boat to enjoy from your very own reclining seat.






Wonderful Ibiza!

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 Itinerary for Summer trips


Thursday (if leaving from Barcelona)

9:30pm: Meet at ferry terminal at Port Vell in front and to the right of Columbus statue on the bottom of La Rambla.

10:15pm: Ferry is scheduled to depart

(There is a bar and restaurant on the boat, as well as movies. We have reserved reclining seats, so a night's sleep is possible but many people invest in a little blow-up bed/lilo).



Arrival in Ibiza at 8:00 hrs (boat) or whenever your flight arrives (airplane).

Bus from the harbour to the resort.

Early check in to your rooms.

Free time*.

Afternoon pool party with open bar.

At night awesome party.



Free day*

Night Party at one of the famous clubs PACHA / Amnesia / Privilege /Zoo Project. (optional  - not included on the price but you do get the Stoke special Ibiza discounted club entry in most places).



We have to check out of our rooms at 11am. Depending on the weekend, the ferry either leaves at 11am or 6pm, so for the later ferry we have the chance to hang by the pool.






**Free time options in the resort: Volley ball, swimming pool, sleeping, open bar from 11:00 - 23:00, beach nearby, music.

Outside the resort: Hire a car to explore the island and beaches, catamaran cruises, guided tour of the island, visit the hippy markets, explore Ibiza Town, watch the sunset in San Antoni.


Package Includes:

• Ferry Transportation tourist class (Barcelona-Ibiza-Barcelona)
• Bus transfer (Port-Hotel-Port)
• 2 nights accommodation at awesome beach resort hotel
• All drinks in the resort from 11:00 h to 23:00 h
• All meals included! (3 meals a day Friday and Saturday plus Sunday breaky)
• Pool Party with entertainment and drinks!


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