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San Sebastian Surf Camp


Fast Facts


More than just surfing...

Where: The Stoke Travel Surf Camp just outside of San Seb on the road to Orio in beautiful, rolling Basque country, Spain
When: All summer, June 1st - September 30th.
How: Meet us there by plane, train, bus or car.
Cost: 60€ a night all-inclusive, Week package: 420€ All-inclusive.
Sleep: Twin share tents with sleeping bags and mattresses
Eat:  Three healthy and hearty meals a day (with all-inclusive package).
Inclusions: tent with sleeping bag and mattress provided, 3 big meals a day, 2 hours of surf instruction, Surf equipment hire, local activities and party nights.

Add ons: Unlimited beer and sangria (10€/day), party trips, pintxo tours, paragliding, horse riding, yoga, private surf lessons
Surfaris: Leave twice a week from our farmhouse and San Seb centre. Check out the Surfari page for details!
Beach Camp: During Running of the Bulls, we will be doing a beach camp in Zarautz for 2 weeks only. See trip options for details.

Contact: [email protected], phone: +34 625 304 703

Stoke Passport Holders:

(Don't know what a Stoke Passport is? Check it out! Your universe will change.)

Stoke Travel Passport holders are eligible for 3 nights all-inclusive package with unlimited beer & sangria included


10€ a day unlimited booze? Say no more...




Trip Options

San Sebastian Surf Camp Trip Options


Surf camp all-inclusive – 60€/day

Any night from 1st June until 30th September

What you get: 

  • Pre-erected tent with sleeping bag and mat
  • All meals
  • Surfboard hire
  • 2 hours Surf instruction every day
  • Beach Parties
  • Party nights
  • Add-on: Transfer to Bulls camp Pamplona – 15€/one way (Add-on: Available during the Running of the Bulls Period 6th-14th July 2015) 

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San Sebastian Week Package – 420€

Any 7 nights from June until September

What you get:

  • Everything that’s included in the daily package but you get it everyday for 7 whole days – you lucky thing you

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Zarautz Beach Camp – 60€/day

From 01/07 until 14/07 

Stay at our campsite overlooking the beautiful bay of Zarautz.

The Zarautz Beach Camp is a new camping option available only during the San Fermin, Running of Bulls festival period. From this campsite we offer private transport to and from our other campsite in Pamplona so that you can experience a little of everything – How nice are we?

What you get:

  • All-inclusive camping accommodation in Zarautz (tents, mattresses & sleeping bags set up for your arrival)
  • Surfboard rental
  • 2 hours Surf instruction every day
  • Free wifi
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Awesome international crowd
  • Unlimited beer & sangria – 10€/day
  • Add-on:Add-on: Transfer to Bulls camp Pamplona – 15€/one way (Available during the Running of the Bulls Period 6th-14th July 2015)

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What Is It?

Only in San Sebastian Surf Heaven


Where else in the world are your primary concerns trying not to get too much sun and the temperature of the beer? Where each and every day is a cycle of eating, surfing and drinking, and the nights spent partying and chatting and exploring? Where else can you spend your nights in the thumping nightclubs of San Sebastian, but wake up and take breakfast on a quiet terrace in the sun?


Nowhere. This is our little slice of paradise just out of San Sebastian, Spain, and its our flagship destination for a reason. It's a combination of the landscape (mountains and beaches baby), the Basque culture, the food, the parties (more bars per square metre than anywhere else in the universe), the waves, the weather (hot, but not deathly so), the mother lovin' lifestyle. Woooh weeeeh, this is the spot.


There is nothing for the surfer to do here except enjoy themselves. Your meals are prepared, your beers are purchased and kept cold, your beds are made for your arrival and your party nights pre-organised. Heavenly! And the new friends you'll find there, wonderful! Crew from all over the world, so many different languages and so much to learn from each other over a beer or seventeen.


Everyone’s welcome from beginners to the most accomplished surf dudes and dudettes. For beginners or those looking to improve, our surf instructors are fun and friendly and surf lessons are included in the all-inclusive price. 


The  Whole  Package!

The best way to stay at the San Sebastian Surf Camp. For a mere 60€ a day you've got it all; have your cake and eat it too. Surf lessons, 24 hour board hire, three beefy meals a day. Yeah, it's pretty much the best deal in the world.

Semana Grande 

From 13th-20th August, there is a week of massive street parties with loads of concerts, from rock to pop and classical to jazz, in the picturesque San Sebastian in Basque country. This is included in your surf camp all-inclusive package.


Euskal Herria.

Is the name of this place in the local language. Pais Vasco, Pays Basque, the Basque Country. The elbow of the French and Spanish Atlantic coastline is an area filled with culture and natural beauty. Home to Europe's oldest language, it's most sturdy people, and some of the most incredible vistas your eyes have ever had the pleasure of taking in.

San Sebastian is the jewel on this coastline, the coolest of Spanish seaside resorts (the Queen built her summer palace here, it's just gotta rule), as yet untainted by the filthy mitts of mass European tourism (hordes of drunken sunburnt Brits, Dutch and Germans? No thanks!) Here the European, and indeed global, youth come to play, party and surf under the sun. This is a city with more Michelin stars than any other city in the world, bar Paris, and with a population of a mere 400,000 or so, wowee, these kids love to dine well. And after? They say San Sebastian has more bars in its Old Town than any other city in Europe, and considering that every second shop is a bar, well, they just ain't wrong.

As far as surf goes, well we’re only a hop skip and a jump away from the finest surf beaches in Europe. And if Nat Geo says we’re located in one of the World’s Top 20 Surf Towns, well who are we to dispute it! See it here.

San Sebastian Surf Camp,+35,+20809+Aia,+Gipuzkoa/@43.2735783,-2.1400327,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0xd51b7d3ab84f49b:0x6192a319341a893a

How To Get Here?

Come fly to us...

You want to fly to either Bilbao, or Biarritz. Check Ryanair, Easyjet and Vueling for cheap deals. There's plenty of cheap deals. We love cheap deals.


If you fly to Bilbao:

You can get an hourly bus to San Sebastian city centre.


If you fly into Biarritz:

To get to San Sebastian from Biarritz International Airport take a French SNCF train to Hendaye, change to the nearby Euskotren station (located just outside the SNCF station) and take a Euskotren to San Sebastian. Each train ride is between 30-40 minutes, with the total train trip costing less than €10. A coach service also exists between Biarritz airport and the Hendaye train station, via Saint-Jean-De-Luz (change buses there). The coach ride is less than one hour and costs about €4.

Come on ride the choo choo train

You can catch the Spanish national railway from most cities to San Sebastian. Check for details.

For quick, cheap and easy trains check out Euroventure.

Buses are for legends.

You can arrive to San Sebastian by bus from all over Europe and within Spain. Eurolines deal with international bookings ( and Vibasa within Spain (


Meeting point:

We'll do pickups from San Seb centre during the day at various times. You will receive an infosheet with pickup times and contact numbers.

The address of the house is: Laurgain Auzoa Barreiatua, 35, 20809 Aia, Gipuzkoa

If you want to go there yourself, just type that into the GPS.








Yo surfer dudes, chuck your thoughts and questions in the comments box below and we'll put up a helpful answer here...


What is the breakfast like? 

We like to mix it up: banana pancakes, ham, cheese & mushroom omelettes, poached eggs with bacon, french toast and on occasion, reminisce with the old toad in a hole. Veggies, no worries we cater for you too. 


How many people are there in a tent?

Tents are for two people unless you pay for a solo tent upgrade.


And what amenities are offered at the Surf Camp?

We have a kitchen you're welcome to use, hot showers, rolling hills on all sides of us for exploring or admiring, plus very own beer tap!


Are there lockers where we can put our passports or other important items?

There aren't, but if there is anything you're really concerned about, the camp manager can lock it in his room for your stay. 


2 of us are vegans, do you cater for this?

We cater for vegetarians, so we can always just remove the animal-product bits of that and stuff you to the brim with fruits and veggies and starches.....whatever we do, we'll make a plan for you. WE DEAL WITH ALL WEIRD AND WONDERFUL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS


What is the address of the camp?

Laurgain Auzoa Barreiatua, 35, 20809 Aia, Gipuzkoa. Here it is on Google Maps.


What is the night life like in San Seb? 

The nightlife in San Seb is a lot of fun and deceptive. You go out for a few pintxos and a couple of bottles of cider and come back at 5am with little memory of the blur of a night you've just had in the many little bars and clubs of the town, but damned sure that you had the best time of your life.


Is all of the surfing equipment available to rent from the house?

We provide short boards, long boards, foam boards and rashies for our guests. Wetsuits and other gear can be rented on the beach.




A day at the San Sebastian Surf Camp.


This is a guide itinerary with everything in the all inclusive package. Times are a guide only, and bear in mind that the beauty of staying at the surf camp is that you can do whatever you like, whenever you like, your way.

  • Wake up to a delicious cooked breakfast whether it be pancakes, bacon and eggs, ham & cheese omelette.
  • Head to the beach to wash away the headaches (and mistakes) of the night before. A couple of hours of surfing, with instructors of course, relaxing, soaking up the sun, playing beach games. 
  • Once we've built enough of an appetite, it's back to the house for a to fill up on lunch prepared by our in-house chef and maybe, just maybe, brave that first icy cold beer of the day. 
  • There are a number of different activities in San Sebastian and the region surrounding it. We can eat San Seb's famous pintxos (tapas), go on free walking tours, go horse riding, paragliding, on wine tasting tours and so much more. Or simply head to the beach for more surfing, or enjoy the sunshine from our terrace in all its glory. 
  • Finish your afternoon activities with a big hearty dinner to line the stomach before immersing yourself in the night life of San Sebastian or chilling at camp and listening to nature while sipping a few brewskies.


* Free time activities: surfing, volleyball, skateboarding, exploring the town, swimming, sun baking, fishing, cliff jumping, drinking beer, and much more.

** Night time activities include: party nights in San Sebastian centre, movie nights, dinners in our favourite restaurants in the area and visiting the many festivals that dot the region in summer.


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Travel Tales

Experience the meaning of “vegging out” with Stoke Travel at their surf camp in Zarautz on the West Coast of Spain. Curious about the life in San Sebastian? Read more here.


2014-07-07 11:55:36
Fuck yeah! Would go back there at the beat of a drum. Amazing staff, steezy views, sweet surf, good grub.

2014-07-02 13:17:57
Good music. Happy vibes. All the staff was welcoming and great to talk to. They really wanted people to have a good time and party.

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  • Jack

    Fuck yeah! Would go back there at the beat of a drum. Amazing staff, steezy views, sweet surf, good grub.

  • Karli

    Good music. Happy vibes. All the staff was welcoming and great to talk to. They really wanted people to have a good time and party.

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