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Road Trip & Surfari Brazil

Fast Facts

The best of Brazil - by road!

Where: From Rio to Salvador...or vice versa

When: Trips depart every Wednesday from either Rio or Salvador. Please email [email protected] to book your trip.

How: Meet us in Rio or Salvador to start the 11 day Brazilian adventure

From 570€ for dorm package
From 700€ for private room package
Optional surf lessons & board rental for R$50 (US$25/20€) per day. 

Sleep: 10 nights accommodation in some of the best hostels & pousadas on the coast

Eat: Buffet breakfasts included

Inclusions: Accommodation, breakfasts, Door-to-door transport, bilingual guides, Portuguese lessons, Caipirinha cocktail class, Boat Cruise, Brazilian BBQ, Samba class, Horse-riding/Kayaking, Capoeira Class...

Trips depart every Wednesday from either Rio or Salvador. Please email [email protected] to book your trip


Price Details


Basic Package

starting at 570€

including: Door to door comfy transport in modern, air-conditioned vans, 10 nights accommodation and 10 buffet breakfasts, Bilingual trip leaders to give insider tips along the way


  • Private room: 7,4€/Day
  • Boat Cruise Arraial do Cabo (44€ One time fee)
  • All-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ (9€ One time fee)
  • Caipirinha Cocktail Class (6€ One time fee)
  • Brazilian Dance Class (9€ One time fee)
  • Kayak/Canoe River Tour (15€ One time fee)
  • Trancoso Trip (9€ One time fee)
  • Capoeria Class (7,5€ One time fee)
  • Prainha Beach Jungle Trek (11€ One time fee)

Contact: [email protected] for booking



All Inclusive Package

for only 700€

what do you get: Accommodation, breakfasts, Door-to-door transport, bilingual guides, Portuguese lessons, Caipirinha cocktail class, Boat Cruise, Brazilian BBQ, Samba class, Horse-riding/Kayaking, Capoeira Class. OPTIONAL surf lessons & board rental.

Contact: [email protected] for booking


What Is It?

Cruising the Brazilian Coast between Salvador and Rio with Stoke.

Because of course. It's about time Stoke took on the Brazilian Coastline, surfing, dancing, drinking, eating, partying, loving, living, traveling, being legends.

For 1o days we'll get away from the gringo trail, allowing you to discover all the hidden gems between Rio and Salvador, from historic colonial towns to completely off the beaten track wonders of nature: wild surf beaches, nature reserves, sand-dunes, cocoa plantations, rivers, waterfalls & jungles.

We make life easier for you, no worrying about getting ripped off on buses, going to the same towns as every other tourist, dealing with dodgy hotels, and just being a hopeless, Portuguese-less, lost, ripped off, scared, tourist.

We want you to make the most of your trip!

Stops: Arraial do Cabo boat trip, Buzios, Vitoria, Itaúnas, Arraial d’Ajuda, Trancoso day trip, Itacaré, option of
finishing in either Morro de São Paulo OR Salvador. But you can start & finish your trip wherever you want.

What's included?

  • Door to door comfy transport in modern, air-conditioned vans;
  • 10 nights accommodation and 10 buffet breakfasts;
  • Bilingual trip leaders to give insider tips along the way;
  • Informal Portuguese lessons offered on the road;
  • Arraial do Cabo boat party cruise with snorkelling, unlimited drinks & caipirinhas;
  • Brazilian BBQ (churrasco) dinner;
  • Caipirinha cocktail making and tasting class;
  • Brazilian forro and samba dance class;
  • Half day activity in Itaunas (choose between horse-riding on the beach OR river kayaking);                 
  • Guided beach trek to Trancoso & surrounding beaches;
  • Visit to chocolate factory in Ilheus;
  • Beach capoeira class (for all levels) with the famous Mestre Jamaica;
  • Guided rainforest trek to Prainha, Itacare - one of Brazil’s top beaches;
  • Tips for best surf breaks/beaches throughout trip...feel free to bring your own board!


Beautiful Brazil.

If you had to sum up Brazil in one word, what would it be?

For us it would be ´beleza´; beauty…

Brazil’s beauty lies not only in its natural wonders, but also in its people and culture. But lets take a look at the natural wonders first.

Brazil makes up almost half of the entire South American continent! It´s the 5th largest county in the world in terms of population as well as land-mass! There’s no denying that Brazil has some of the most stunning, diverse landscape, exotic nature and breath-taking beaches on this planet.

Brazil’s coastline extends for more than seven thousand kilometres (7’491 kms or 4’655 miles to be exact!)

Most of Brazil´s coastline is lined by the Great Escarpment, which looks like a gigantic, long wall from the ocean – very dramatic! Then there´s the hundreds and thousands of pristine beaches full of coconut palm trees and surrounded by tropical rain-forest, winding rivers, lagoons, sand dunes, lively beach towns, rustic fishing villages, scattered islands, turquoise-green ocean and some of the best surf in the world…

Brazil also has the most known species of plants in the world (about 55´000). It is said to be one of the most bio diverse places on Earth. The forests are home to well over 1´000 bird species, the rivers and oceans home to approximately 3´000 fish species and throughout the country you’ll find countless mammals and reptiles including anacondas, caimans (a type of fresh-water alligator), turtles, capybaras (the largest rodent in the world!), coatis, otters, jaguars, pumas, armadillos, anteaters, sloths, monkeys and marmosets – just to name a few! You´ll discover ecological reserves and wildlife protection programs all the way up and down the coast.

If you like the idea of combining nature with adventure, Brazil certainly won´t disappoint. Take the many jungle canopy tours found all along Brazil´s coast; you´ll feel like Tarzan as you soar high above beaches and forest canopy, zip-lining from tree to tree… or if you´re into horse riding why not take a long canter along a wild, deserted beach. Glide like a bird as you hang-glide over Rio or paraglide above endless palm trees to land on white-sand tropical beaches. Kayak your way through incredible river mangrove ecosystems, down narrow canals full of wildlife and waterfalls. The choices are endless and the adventures never-ending…

As mentioned above Brazil, by co-incidence, also happens to be home to the 5th biggest population in the world; an ethnically and culturally diverse population whose heritage is expressed in vibrant art and celebrations, historical cities and bustling urban centres.

One of the first things you’ll notice as you arrive to Brazil is the people’s zest for life. Brazilians live for today. Whether rich or poor, they enjoy life and they’re not afraid to express themselves! They smile a lot, they laugh a lot, they yell a lot, they sing a lot, they dance a lot and they sure do celebrate a lot! When you’re around Brazilians, somehow this energy starts to become contagious…

Look at the way Brazilians greet each other for example:

‘’Tudo bem?’’ (Everything well?)

Most Brazilians will respond with one of the following answers:

‘’Tudo bom!’’ (Everything good!), ‘’Tudo!’’ (Everything!), ‘’Tudo joya!’’ (Everything joyous!), ‘’Tudo legal!’’ (Everything cool!), ‘’Tudo otimo’’ (Everything optimum), ‘’Tudo beleza’’ (Everything beautiful)… See what we mean?

Everyone knows that Brazil is home to two of the biggest street parties in the world – Rio Carnival and Salvador Carnival. But if you can’t make it for Carnival no need for disappointment. There’s always something to celebrate in Brazil. Whether it’s a football game, a saint’s birthday, a festival, an anniversary… even a political election! Brazilians will find any excuse to party, celebrate life, eat, drink and be merry!

They’re fun-loving, full of energy and they’ll welcome you into their country with open arms. They’re proud to be Brazilians. Wouldn’t you be? Brazil really IS beleza.


•The official language in Brazil is Portuguese and Brazil is the only Portuguese-speaking country in South America. Brazil was a Portuguese colony from 1500-1822.

•In 1808 Rio de Janeiro became the home of the Portuguese royalty which was ousted by Napoleon’s invasion.

•Brazilians don’t appreciate being spoken to in Spanish, but they’ll probably understand you as the languages are so similar. If you make the effort to throw at least a few Portuguese words in they’ll love you for it!

•The name Brazil was given by the Portuguese, named after the pau-brasil trees. Pau is Portuguese for “stick” (or “wood” in general), and brasil is said to have come from brasa which is Portuguese for ember. The wood of this tree has a deep red hue and extracts a red dye, which was Brazil’s first export.

•Brazil’s most common agricultural exports today are coffee, soybeans, wheat, rice, corn, sugarcane, cocoa, citrus and beef.

•Neither Rio, nor São Paulo is capital of Brazil… Brazil’s capital city is Brasilia; a master planned city built in the late 1950s where nothing existed before.

•The Amazon River system carries more water to the ocean than any other river system in the world. It is navigable for its entire length through Brazil.

•There is little seismic or volcanic activity in Brazil due to it’s position near the center of the South American Plate.

•The Brazilian Highlands average less than 1’220 meters, but the highest point in Brazil is Pico de Neblina at 3’014 meters.

•Brazil is divided into 26 states and a Federal District. The state of Amazonas has the largest area and the most populous state is Sao Paulo.

•Sao Paulo’s population has doubled since 1977 when it was 11 million in the metropolis.

•The largest population of Japanese people (outside of Japan) live in Brazil.

•Today 2/3 of the Brazilian population is under 29 years of age.

•The national cocktail of Brazil is ‘Caipirinha’ (made of cachaca rum, lime, sugar & ice).

•Brazil’s Football Club Flamengo has more followers than any other football team in the world!

•Brazilian give 2 kisses (both cheeks) to greet each other in most the country, except the south (including Sao Paulo) where they only kiss on 1 cheek.

•Most Brazilian women are addicted to soap operas (telenovelas) which are constantly showing on Brazilian TVs, in restaurants, shops and beauty salons.

•Though Brazil has the world’s largest Roman Catholic population, the birth rate has significantly decreased over the last 20 years.

•Brazil´s total population is now almost 200 million people.

How To Get Here?

You're probably going to have to fly...

Fly into Rio or Salvador to start your adventure. Find your flights here!

If you're already in South America you know what you're doing, make your way to Rio or Salvador the same way you've made your way everywhere else...


What’s the transport like? 

Comfy, modern, safe and reliable vans and mini-buses with reclining seats, multi-media system and air conditioning. We show movies (in English) most journeys.

How long is the trip? 
10 nights and 11 days if you decide to do the whole thing between Rio and Salvador. If you would prefer to do it in less time or more time, let us know. We will see what we can do.


How long is each road journey? 

Each road trip averages at 5 hours, with 2 or 3 stops along the way!

Is it just one-way from Rio to Salvador? 

Yes. OR oneway from Salvador to Rio. We run the same trip in both directions. Therefore there’s no point returning with us unless you want to do the same thing all over again!

What if I need to get back to Rio or Salvador afterwards? 

We can help you book a cheap flight! Just make sure you give us as much notice as possible so we can get you the best option possible! We can also book airport transfers if requested.

Where are the stops? 

Arraial do Cabo (for the boat cruise), Buzios 2 nights, Vitoria/Guarapari 1 night, Itaúnas 2 nights, Arraial d’Ajuda 2 nights, Trancoso day trip, Itacaré 3 nights, option of starting/finishing in Itacare, Morro de São Paulo OR Salvador.

How many people to each group? 

We have small groups. Generally we have a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 to each group, but this can vary. Our average group size is 8-10.


What if I am travelling by myself, does that matter? 

Of course not! We get a lot of single travellers joining our tours, as well as couples and small groups of friends. Brazil can be a bit daunting to get around on your own at times, and many of the places we pass through aren’t frequently visited by other travellers. It’s much more fun, and safer, to travel as a group to these places.

What’s the average age of the group?  

We tend to get mostly 20 – 35 year olds, but our tours and packages are open to everyone who’s young at heart and ready to have a good time!

What optional activities will be on offer apart from what’s already included? 

Hiking, Hang Gliding, Ecological tours, Boat parties, Football games, Snorkelling, Scuba diving, Surfing/Kite-surfing lessons, Rent a buggy, Biking, River kayaking & canoeing, Quad-biking, Indian-village tour, Paragliding, Water Park, White-water rafting, Zip-lining, Sailing, Yoga classes, Waterfalls, Rainforest trails, Fishing, Whale-watching, Bahian cooking class, Candomble ceremony, African and Brazilian music classes, City tours and more…


Is it possible to go on just one section of the trip? 

Yes. For example, you may want to start in Buzios, or only do the Arraial d’Ajuda to Salvador section. You can start and finish Cruz the Coast wherever you like, as long as we have space. We will give you an individual quote for the section you want.

What’s the accommodation like? 

We offer 2 accommodation options; dormitory/shared accommodation OR private twin/double/triple rooms. We use a range of local hostels and guest-houses, all selected for their excellent location, facilities and atmosphere. The majority are a short walk from the beach and have wifi/internet, communal kitchen, bar, BBQ, hammocks and pool!

Is it easy to get cash out in each place: 

Yes, we will show you all the ATMs that work for foreign cards in each place, and also on travel days.

Can you do private groups? Can we choose the date? 

Absolutely. Let us know what you have in mind and we will make it happen.

Do you offer group discounts? 

Yes, we offer group discounts if you pay a group deposit up front. Get in touch and we can set a price.



Summarised Itinerary


Day 1 – Rio de Janeiro to Arraial do Cabo to Buzios (2 nights)

• Arraial do Cabo boat trip with snorkelling unlimited soft-drinks & water

Day 2 - Buzios

Free day in Buzios to enjoy the spectacular beaches and go shopping for bikinis!

Day 3 – Buzios to Vitoria (1 night)

• Brazilian BBQ (churrasco) all-you-can-eat dinner

Day 4 – Vitoria to Itaunas (2 nights)

Free time in Itaunas.

• Caipirinha cocktail making and tasting class
• Brazilian forro and samba dance class
• Half day trip - horse-riding on the beach OR river kayaking

Day 6 – Itaunas to Arraial d’Ajuda (2 nights)

Free time in Arraial d’Ajuda.

• Beach walk to the historic little town of Trancoso & return transfer to Arraial

Day 8 – Arraial d’Ajuda to Itacare (3 nights)

Free time in Itacare.

• Guided jungle trek to Prainha - one of Brazil’s top beaches!
• Capoeira class (all levels) with the famous Mestre Jamaica

Day 11 – Itacare to Morro OR Salvador – END



Detailed Itinerary:


Day 1: Rio de Janeiro – Arraial do Cabo – Buzios

You will be picked up from your accommodation in Rio at about 8am (TBA) for the 2hr drive to Arraial do
Cabo, where our boat will be waiting to take us on a relaxing cruise around the surrounding lagoons,
islands and ‘’Blue Cave’’. Described as the Caribbean of Brazil, you’ll be dazzled by pearl-white beaches,
crystal clear waters and abundant sea-life. We often spot penguins, turtles and even whales. This is an
included half-day trip with food and drinks offered on-board. Plenty of swimming, snorkelling and sun-
bathing, with three beach stops in total. It’s then only a 40 minute drive from Arraial do Cabo to Buzios
where we stay for 2 nights.

Buzios was once a quiet fishing village until French movie star Brigitte Bardot turned up in the 1960s. It
wasn’t long before Mick Jagger, Madonna and all of Rio’s ‘beautiful people’ followed and nowadays Buzios
is considered one of the coolest, hippest and most sophisticated beach towns this side of the equator.

INCLUDED: Arraial do Cabo boat trip with snorkelling + unlimited soft-drinks & mineral water. Bring your
own spending money for beer and lunch (various food options available).

Day 2: Buzios

Today is a free day to explore the surrounding beaches. Hiring a beach buggy is a good way
to do this. You may also want to check out some of the many chic, boutique shops (open til late) or fancy
bars and nightclubs. Note to girls: Buzios is the best place in Brazil to buy bikinis!

Day 3: Buzios – Vitoria

Today will be the longest travel day of the trip (about 7hrs). We spend one night in
Vitoria, capital of Espirito Santo state. Founded in 1551 and built on the largest island of an archipelago of
33 islets joined by landfills and bridges, the city itself consists of colonial buildings, ports, beaches, tree-
lined streets and a fine seafront promenade six kilometres long - perfect for jogging, biking or walking.
Tonight we’ll take you to Vitoria’s most lively restaurant and nightlife area for a night on the town
Brazilian-style… you’ll be pushed to see any other gringos here!

INCLUDED: Brazilian BBQ (churrasco) dinner.

Day 4: Vitoria - Itaunas

This morning you’ll have some free time to enjoy a morning stroll around Vitoria or
perhaps visit the impressive Penha Convent located in Vila Velha high up on a hill, offering great views over
the entire archipelago.

From Vitoria it’s a nice short drive, only about 4.5 hours, to Itaunas; a colourful little town located on the
banks of the Itaunas River. If you walk over the bridge to the other side of the river you’ll find yourself
inside a huge ecological reserve made up of sand-dunes up to 30m high, wild ocean beaches, mangroves,
flooded forests and a huge variety of flora and fauna. They say the old town (which apparently existed
sometime before the 1950s) was located 1km closer to the ocean, but is now completely covered by sand.
See if you can spot the old church tower poking out above the dunes.

Itaunas also happens to be a huge centre for forro music, which is probably the most popular and easy-to-
learn dances of Brazil – yes, even more than samba! The National Festival of Forro is held here every year,
attracting thousands of Brazilians.

This evening you will be shown how to make the perfect Brazilian caipirinha cocktail, along with some
serious taste-testing. Take your pick: mango, pineapple, passion-fruit, or the most popular and traditional
of all; lime. We’ll also offer you a Brazilian forro dance class with the locals - if you’re up for it! After this we
spend the night partying on the dunes under the star-filled skies of Itaunas…..

INCLUDED: Caipirinha cocktail making and tasting class.

INCLUDED: Forro dance class (if you choose to take it)

Day 5: Itaunas

Loads of activities on offer, most of them inside the ecological reserve. We recommend
horse-riding along the endless, wild beaches all the way to the border of Espirito Santo and Bahia - where
the mouth of the river divides the 2 states. Other cool activities include; mountain bike-riding, hiking, sand-
buggying, canoeing & kayaking down the river spotting wildlife along the way. Chances to see capivaras,
otters, turtles, monkeys, sloths, lizards, lots of birds and perhaps a jaguatirica cat if very lucky!

INCLUDED: Half day trip (Choose between horse-riding on the beach or river kayaking or shared canoe)

Day 6: Itaunas – Arraial d’Ajuda

Today we cross into Bahia - land of palm trees, paradise and so much
more! It’s about 6 hrs drive. Where we’re headed to tonight is only a short distance away from the exact
place where Brazil was first ‘discovered’ back in 1500, where the very first indigenous people were
encountered and where Brazil’s fascinating history all began… It all started here. Tonight we’ll introduce
you to some of Bahia’s best street food! And street cocktails…..

Day 7: Day trip to Trancoso

For those keen, we will walk for 3-4 hours all the way along the beach to the
quaint little town of Trancoso. The timing of this walk will depend on the tides, but we’ll try to arrive in
time for lunch. Since the establishment of Trancoso in the 16th town has a beautiful ‘Quadrado’, a long grassy square with a little white-washed church at the far end overlooking the dramatic coastline below. Lining the quadrado are colourful little Portuguese houses. A photographer’s dream! Later, we return by bus to Arraial and go out for another night on the town!

INCLUDED: Half day beach walk to Trancoso & surrounding beaches.

Day 8: Arraial d’Ajuda - Itacare

Back on the road, we continue our travels north up the coast. It’s an easy 5.5 hour drive to Itacare (beautiful scenery), with plenty of time to visit the Ilheus chocolate factory along the way and still make it to Itacare in time for sunset and cocktails on the beach! Itacare has always been popular with Brazilians, but the word is only just getting out internationally. There are only a few places in the world where nature has been so generous, offering such diverse attractions in one single place.

Coconut-fringed beaches, tropical rainforest, waterfalls, adventure sports and some of THE best surfing and caipoeira in the world! You won’t be disappointed in the nightlife here either… Itacare is known for it’s live reggae music and nightly parties.

INCLUDED: Visit to chocolate factory on-route.

Day 9: Itacare

Today you will be taken on an included excursion to what is known as the ‘lost’ or ‘hidden’ beach. To get to the stunning beach of Prainha we must hike through the rainforest for 40mins… passing by various cascades and streams. On the way back, if you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll have the option to go on a jungle (zip-line) canopy tour. Nb. Surfers should bring their boards today. Prainha has great waves!

Later on, we will offer you a free capoeira lesson on the beach closest to the town centre. Your instructor, Jamaica, is not only known throughout Bahia, but all over the world as one of the most respected capoeiristas and teachers of this Afro-Brazilian martial arts, now embraced as a national sport and practiced by over 60 million Brazilians – young and old.

INCLUDED: Guided jungle trek to Prainha Beach.

INCLUDED: Capoeira class (all levels) with Mestre Jamaica.

Day 10: Itacare

Free day! Loads of options on offer. You could go white-water rafting, parasailing or go for a surf (rent a board or take a lesson). For those who’d prefer something more low-key there are nature walks, canoe trips and of course many beautiful beaches and waterfalls to choose from… Or maybe you’ll just want to swing in a hammock with a good book and while the day away?

We highly recommend that you try moqueca for dinner - a delicious coconut/dende oil dish of African heritage. Choose from fish, shrimp or crab, or everything together! You’ll be in seafood heaven. And don’t forget to also try the famous Acai drink. Actually it’s more of a slushy, made from a deep purple Amazonian berry mixed with guarana syrup and topped with sliced banana and granola. Jam-packed full of energy!

Day 11: Itacare – Morro de Sao Paulo Island OR Salvador

Today’s drive first takes us 2.5 hours to the small town of Valenca, from where you can take a boat over to Morro de Sao Paulo Island.
Morro - a place where there’s not a care in the world. The only thing you’ll have to think about here is which drink to order at the beach cocktail stands.
If, however, you’re on a bit of a time-limit, you might prefer to continue another couple of hours straight up to Salvador. You will be taken to the accommodation of your choice and the trip will end this evening.
A briefing will be given on Morro, Salvador and the Salvador area and your Cruz the Coast Guide will be ready to give you all the tips and advice you need if you’re lucky enough to be continuing your travels or staying longer in Bahia!


- Door to door modern, comfy transport;

- 10 nights’ accommodation*, all breakfasts included;

- English & Portuguese speaking Guides to give insider tips and advice throughout the trip;

- Informal Portuguese lessons offered on the road for those who want them;

- Tips for best surf breaks/beaches throughout trip... Feel free to bring your own board!

NB. Airport transfers available on request, and if you need help booking a flight just let us know.

* You can choose between dormitory/shared accommodation OR private twin/double/triple rooms. We

use a range of local hostels and guest-houses, all selected for their great locations, facilities and

atmosphere. They are all a short walk to the beach and many are with swimming pools.



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