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Stoke Rolling Circus

Europe's wildest road trip

Fast Facts


A Europe-wide events tour. 

Where: Starting at La Tomatina in Valencia, then Barcelona, Paris, Bruges, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and ending in Munich for Oktoberfest

When: Starts in late August and ends when we run out of steam (most likely late September).

How: We'll pick you up wherever you are...

Cost: 60€ a day. 

Eat: The specialties of the countries.

Inclusions: Transport, accommodation, breakfasts, drinks specials, massive party in every city, guides and walking tours everywhere we go, the most fun you can have on two legs.

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Check out this wicked trip.


Stoke Passport Holders:

(Don't know what a Stoke Passport is? Check it out! Your universe will change.)

Eligible for 3 nights all-inclusive package including transport, accommodation, breakfasts, starting and ending in any city along the Rolling Circus 




Price Details


60€ a day (Hop on, crawl off, shake it all around.)

including: Transport, accommodation, breakfasts, discounted drinks, massive party in every city, guides and walking tours everywhere we go, the most fun you can have on two legs.

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Work to cheapen your trip!

Your sweat, and mental sweat, can go towards the cost of your trip, email [email protected] for more details.

What Is It?


The Mighty Stoke Tour.


There are many tours in Europe. The Eiffel Tour, The Leaning Tower of Pisa and Le Tour de France to name but a few. And we love them! But they’re a little bland, and we’d hate to commit anymore than a few hours to any one of them...


That’s why we put together the Rolling Circus, Europe’s very first events tour. Where your trip isn’t just about seeing the sights and sampling the culinary delights, but culminates in a giant party in every city we go to.


It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Paris: sights seen, frogs legs: devoured, beret:worn and ooh la: la’d. What’s next? To get into a party like a tongue in a french kiss.


And we’re not just talking the tour group down the local boozer sharing Instagram snaps, oh no, we’re talking a tits and balls out rage, featuring a well known international act, mostly local people partying, and it’s all ours.


Literally. Because on the Rolling Circus we give you, the sideshow, the opportunity to own part of the event. This means that, if you choose to, you can work to save money on the, already cheap, tour.


The Rolling Circus is a hop on, crawl off, tour, meaning that you can join the fun for as long, or little, as you like. Though chances are that once you’ve had a taste you’ll want to keep going for as long as possible.


What's included?

Sixty euros a day includes transport, breakfast and accommodation. It also includes tour guides (the local guides may appreciate tips), the best fun you've ever had and entry into all the events. And if you convince a few people to come along to our parties, then it may be zero euros a day with all those inclusions...




The Road.

"Our battered suitcases were were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life."

- Jack Kerouac, On the Road, Part 3, Ch. 5


Starting at La Tomatina in Valencia, then Barcelona, Paris, Bruges, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and ending in Munich for Oktoberfest

How To Get Here?



It's a bus trip.

So you just make your way to wherever we will be, or to Valencia where we start, and we'll pick you up on our magical wonderful mystery party fun bus!

How to get to Europe? Well the hardest part is deciding to go, saving the money and packing your rucksack. After that you book a flight and you hurtle through the sky at very high speeds and then you're here.

Unless you're from Europe, then you don't have to do anything. 











Ask us anything about Stoke's Rolling Circus in the comments box below and we'll do our best to provide clear and cleaver answers. 



What's a rolling circus?

It's a road trip, a rolling festival, a month of madness, a freaky tour of Europe's finest cities, massive gigs and events, a menagerie of backpackers, freaks, geeks, gorillas and clowns... equal parts tour and blatant excuse to indulge in absolute hedonism.


How long do I have to go for?

As long as you like. You can do one leg or the whole lot! The idea is to make it so much fun that you'll never want to leave - and if it's not costing us all much than perhaps you never will...


How can I save money on my trip?

By promoting the parties.  You'll get a commission per person that attends because you told them to, and you can take that commission off your trip price. Super sweet huh!? And if you're good enough you could be traveling for free...

Also, as it's the Circus and it's a freaky tour we need freakily skilled people to jump on board with us, if you have a special talent or you know someone who does then get in touch. Can you stand on your head for 10 hours, fit your fist in your mouth? Do you have a way with deep-throating swords? 


What sort of parties will we be having? 

Rages. Big old fashioned shindigs with lots of drinking and dancing. Get ready to let your hair down and get your weird on. 






We'll probably pass by here...

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Sample Day Itinerary.

Arrive in Amsterdam after a good nights bus sleep and take our gear to the hostel. Have a shower, wash the hangover away and change into the cleanest clothes you’ve got. 

 By this time the tour guide will have prepared bacon and eggs for you, so you smash it down and hit the streets. 

We do a walking tour with a local guide. Not a flipping “this is a church” tour, but a tour that shows you the sights you want to see. This is very important. Over the two days we’ll go to the parks where the beautiful locals hangout, the red light district, Anne Frank’s house, live sex shows, hash cafes, the best bars a bike ride to the hippy community and a late afternoon cruise on the canals.

And that's only if you want to hang in the group. You can do whatever you like, and we'll make sure you know what's good to see and do...

If you want to save money on the trip by promoting the parties you might have a pile of flyers in your pockets and every time you see someone attractive come past you can give them one. What an icebreaker!

Then we have a party. We have a huge party that all the backpackers and tourists go to, as well as the locals, because the music is going to be awesome and the vibe is going to be radical and the night, in general, is going to be gnarly...

Once the hangover has passed we see the sights we missed the day before, we go and drink some beers, we eat a delicious dinner and we see what the night has to offer, before getting on the bus and heading to Berlin, where we, kinda, do it all again...

2014 Itinerary

Day                 Date    Month         City   

Tuesday          26th    August          Valencia

Wednesday   27th    August          Valencia

Thursday       28th    August           Valencia

Friday             29th    August           IBIZA

Saturday        30th    August           IBIZA

Sunday            31st     August           IBIZA

Monday           1st      September    Barcelona

Tuesday          2nd    September    Barcelona

Wednesday    3rd    September    Barcelona

Thursday        4th    September    Barcelona

Friday              5th    September    Barcelona

Saturday         6th    September    SOAKED FESTIVAL

Sunday            7th    September    Camping France

Monday           8th    September    Paris

Tuesday           9th    September    Paris

Wednesday   10th   September    Amsterdam

Thursday       11th    September    Amsterdam

Friday             12th    September    Camping Germany

Saturday       13th     September    Berlin

Sunday         14th      September    Berlin

Monday        15th     September    Prague

Tuesday        16th    September    Prague

Wednesday   17th    September    Budapest

Thursday       18th    September    Budapest

Friday             19th    September    Budapest

Saturday       20th    September    Munich

Sunday            21st    September    Munich

More details to follow, but any queries, just fire an email to [email protected]  



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