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The Running of the Bulls

Shit scared of bulls at San Fermin, Pamplona


Fast Facts

Run for your life (sometimes literally).

Where: The campsite is in Zarautz, not far from Pamplona, overlooking a beautiful surf beach. We provide regular return shuttles to the bull run in Pamplona everyday so you get the best of both worlds.

When: July 6th - 14th (OR come earlier and celebrate 4th July with us!)

How: Meet us there by plane, train, bus or car. Or ride with us with private shuttle bus from Barcelona or London

Cost: 60€ a day.

Sleep: Camping accommodation (twin share tent, mattress, sleeping bag, all included and set up for you).

Eat: Hot breakfasts everyday and dinner every second night.

Inclusions: Accommodation, some meals, transfers to and from the bull run ever 3 hours throughout the day (these must be booked on arrival at the Transfers Tent), massive Stoke campsite party.

Add ons: Unlimited beer and sangria (5€/day), traditional clothes (white and red) (30€), surf lessons (15€ for 2 hours), bus transfers available from and to Barcelona (40€ one way), BBK Live Music festival tickets (one day - 70€ or 3 day - 105€)

  • Bull run balcony - good way to not run but get the best view of the mayhem:

 7th July Balcony - 120€ and 8 -14 July Balcony - 100€. 10 places available per balcony so BOOK NOW!

  • Helicopter trip to Pamplona from Stoke Campsite (200 euros)
  • Helicopter joy rides to see the basque region any day all summer (120 euros)
    Heli Tour photo2


Keen to Road Trip Spain and Portugal?

Check out this wicked trip.


Stoke Passport Holders:

(Don't know what a Stoke Passport is? Check it out! Your universe will change.)

Eligible for 3 nights all-inclusive package including unlimited beer & sangria


The biggest party outside of the bull run and unlimited beer, wine and sangria...

Price Details

Basic Trip

starting at 60€/day (5€ a day for unlimited beer and sangria)

July 6th – 14th

Including: Camping accommodation, breakfast, dinner every 2nd night, shuttles to bull run

» Check Availability !


Bus it to the bulls (The 24 hours Madness)


What you get: Includes private return coaches from Barcelona, 1 litre of sangria on arrival, experienced guides. Buses depart at 6pm from in front of Hard Rock in Plaza Catalunya on 6th, 9th, 11th, 12th July. Returning the next day at 11am from Pamplona, arriving around 5pm in Barca.

» Check Availability!



WEEKEND TRIPS (From Barcelona)

for 180€

Friday 10th July – Sunday 12th July

  • 2 nights all-inclusive camping accommodation (tents, mattresses and sleeping bags set up for your arrival).
  • Return private coach from Barcelona
  • One barbecue dinner
  • 2 hot breakfasts
  • Guides and all shuttles into the festival
  • Bull runs on Saturday and Sunday morning
  • Buses leave 10am on Friday 10th from Plaza Catalunya in front of Hard Rock Cafe
  • Departs camp at 10am via Pamplona at 11am Sunday 12th arrives in Barcelona around 6pm

» Check Availability!




for 320€

Thursday 9th – Monday 13th July

  • 2 nights all-inclusive camping accommodation (tents , mattresses and sleeping bags set up for your arrival).
  • Return overnight private coach from London 
  • One hot dinner
  • 2 hot breakfasts
  • Bull runs on Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • Guides and all shuttles into the festival
  • Buses leave 18:00  central London location on Thursday arriving at camp by noon on Friday
  • Departs camp at 13:00 on Sunday, arriving around 05:30 in London on Monday. 

» Check Availability!


What Is It?

Be  afraid, be very,  kinda, afraid...

Of having a whale of a time!

Because in addition to the wonderful terror that is the Pamplona bull run, this San Fermin trip is so much more! It is one of the world's biggest street parties - day and night you can drink and dance and smooch in the streets. And there are cultural events every day, so you can do something nice and really justify going on a massive rampage during the night. Truly wonderful.


And we haven't even mentioned Stoke Travel's Bull Bite Base Camp. This is where your dreams come to fruity fruition. The 2nd biggest party in the region this time of year (the biggest being the world's 3rd biggest street party, in Pamplona town, of course). Meet hundreds of new besties, and make sure you set yourself up with a hangover for the next morning - because that is when you'll be running with the bulls...

Roll wit' us!

How you gettin' there cow lovers? Why not take one of Stoke Travel's own buses? We roll in from Barcelona, man. One way trips and full weekend packages available, check it out.

Rock 'n' Bulls.

Why not combine the cow festival with a music festival. BBK Bilbao Live 2014 truly rocks my friends (apart from Coldplay a year or two ago, soz Coldplay lovers) and is timed to coincide with the opening day of the Running of the Bulls 2014. Talk about convenient! Thanks universe...

Surf and Turf Bitches.

Once the running is done spend a night or sixteen at our San Sebastian Surf Camp. It is literally down the road, check out the details here amigos.





The land of big, angry, bulls and all night street parties.


We camp an hour away from Pamplona in a little town called Zarautz and shuttle you in for the festivities. We have a beautiful campsite on a hill overlooking the bay and a short walk down the cliff to the beach, because a dip in the sea is the best way to soothe those petrified bones of yours...


We'll have coaches departing every 3 hours from 5am - 12 am to get into Pamplona and coaches returning from Pamplona every 3 hours from 6:30 am to 10:30pm (roughly). You can and must book these at the campsite on arrival at the Transport Tent (TT).

How To Get Here?



Come with us on our Private Stoke Bus!

We have one way transport available (limited numbers) for 40€ one way. These are available as follows: 

Barcelona to Bulls camp: 6th, 9th, 11th, 12th - leaving Barcelona at 5pm (arriving around midnight)

Bulls camp to Barcelona: 7th, 10th, 12th, 13th - leaving camp at 10am and Pamplona at 11am (arriving in Barca around 5pm)

- Return buses depart camp at 10am via Pamplona at 11am. You will need to drop your luggage on the 24hour trip bus before you head into the bull run at 5am, or you can sleep in and climb on the 24hour bus at 10am.

We have 24 hour trips on these dates: 

6-7th, 9th-10th, 11th-12th, 12th-13th - Running of the Bulls day-trip leaving Barcelona at 6pm and leaving Pamplona at 11am the following day to arrive in Barcelona by about 5pm.

We also have a weekend trip:

- Buses depart Barcelona at 10am and arrive at Bulls camp about 5pm, on return they depart camp at 10am via Pamplona at 11am. You will need to drop your luggage on the weekend trip bus before you head into the bull run at 5am, or you can sleep in and climb on the weekend trip bus at 10am.

10-12 July (Fri-Sun) including 2 bull runs.


Or if you're in London: 

- We have a weekend trip. 

  • Buses leave 18:00  central London location on Thursday arriving at camp by noon on Friday
  • Departs camp at 13:00 on Sunday, arriving around 05:30 in London on Monday. 


Come fly to us...

You want to fly to either Bilbao, or Biarritz. Check Ryanair, Easyjet and Vueling for cheap deals. There's plenty of cheap deals. We love cheap deals.


If you fly to Bilbao:

You can get a bus directly from the airport to Zarautz, buses leave from the front of the airport at 7am, 11:30am, 3:30pm and 8:30pm

If you land outside of these times there is an hourly bus to San Sebastian city centre. Once there the local bus to Zarautz leaves from the street outside very same bus station. And the local train that connects San Sebastian to Zarautz is right there too!

Local Bus:

From just outside the main bus station you can get the local bus to Zarautz. Fast buses run on the hour from San Sebastian, take 20 minutes and cost 2 euros. Look out for the Z3, from bus stop 26 on the Avenida. See the maps for directions. 

Local Train:

Alternatively, the Euskotren is a good way to get there. (see maps for directions). Trains run from San Sebastian (Amara) to Zarautz (San Pelaio) from the early morning until about 10pm. The trip costs 2 euros and takes 30 minutes.


If you fly into Biarritz:

You must first make your way to San Sebastian and then follow the "by train" details outlined below. To get to San Sebastian from Biarritz International Airport take a French SNCF train to Hendaye, change to the nearby Euskotren station (located just outside the SNCF station) and take a Euskotren to San Sebastian. Each train ride is between 30-40 minutes, with the total train trip costing less than €10. A coach service also exists between Biarritz airport and the Hendaye train station, via Saint-Jean-De-Luz (change buses there). The coach ride is less than one hour and costs about €4.

Local Train:

If you arrive in San Sebastian by local train via Hendaye from Biarritz, the Euskotren is the way to go (see maps for directions). Trains run from San Sebastian (Amara) to Zarautz (San Pelaio) from the early morning until about 10pm. The trip costs 2 euros and takes 30 minutes.

Local Bus:

Another option is to get the bus from the street called Avenida. Fast buses run on the hour from San Sebastian, take 20 minutes and cost 2 euros. Look out for the Z3, from bus stop 26 on the Avenida. See the maps for directions. 


Come on ride the choo choo train

You can catch the Spanish national railway from most cities to San Sebastian. Check www.renfe.com for details. Once in San Sebastian, as the national (or big) train station is in the middle of town, you want to catch the local bus to Zarautz.

From just outside the main bus station, you want to get the bus from the street called Avenida. Fast buses run on the hour from San Sebastian, take 20 minutes and cost 2 euros. Look out for the Z3, from bus stop 26 on the Avenida. See the maps for directions.

If you arrive by local train via Hendaye from Biarritz, the Euskotren is the way to go (see maps for directions). Trains run from San Sebastian (Amara) to Zarautz (San Pelaio) from the early morning until about 10pm. The trip costs 2 euros and takes 30 minutes.


Buses are for legends.

You can get to San Sebastian by bus from all over Europe and within Spain. Eurolines deal with international bookings (www.eurolines.com) and Vibasa within Spain (www.vibasa.es).

From just outside the main bus station you can get the local bus to Zarautz. You want to get the bus from the street called Avenida. Fast buses run on the hour from San Sebastian, take 20 minutes and cost 2 euros. Look out for the Z3, from bus stop 26 on the Avenida. See the maps for directions.














Enter all of your questions in the comments box below and we'll answer them here...


Where do the buses from Barcelona leave from and at what time? 

The buses leave from Plaza Catalunya in front of the Hard Rock Cafe.
The Bus to Bulls overnight trip will leave in the afternoon at 6pm from Barcelona and return leaving Pamps at 11am and getting to Barcelona roughly 5pm the next day. Meet your guide at Plaza Catalunya at 5:30pm.
The Weekend Trip will leave at 10am. Meet your guide there at 09:30am. 


Are the shuttles to and from the Bulls included in the price?  How frequently do they run?

Yes, all-inclusive includes it all. The only extra costs will be for lunches, and dinner every second night. We run shuttles every day from the morning at the crack of dawn in order to get to the first bull-run until the late evening, except on the 6th July, which is the opening day when there is no run, so we head in around 9:30am returning at 8pm. There are also shuttles going in in the late arvo/eve for the epic parties in Pamplona's streets. 


Do you provide transport from Zarautz?

Yes, we fetch you from Zarautz station, so make your way there and call us when you know what time you'll be arriving. We do pickups every hour on the hour from 9am - 5pm and on request after that until 9pm. Call 0034625304703 when you arrive there. After 9pm, it's a quick cab for you just up the hill - ask for Gran Camping Zarautz.


What is the breakfast like? 

Breaky varies according to our local chefs' whims. It usually involves egg and bacon in some form. Yum! 


Do we have the option of flying into Barcelona and taking one of your
buses to the campsite? 

Yes, you absolutely do. You can fly into Barcelona in time for the Weekend trip. You can also do the Bus to Bulls day trip from Barcelona or just go one way on this bus and stay a few days and then do one way back. Have it your way.


It says on the website that it is a twin tent. Can it fit two people?

Yes, the twin tents are two-man tents. We have two-man and 8 man teepees. If you are a group of three, one of you will be tented with a new friend of the same sex. You get allocated your tent on arrival so you can make tent requests then. We also have an option to have a private tent for a small additional fee - just in case you don't want to share.... or if you want leave space for the hottie you're going to meet at our campsite..... just saying... 


And what amenities are offered at the camp site?

The campsite is awesome! It is right by the beach, there is a cafe/restaurant, a little shop, hot showers, laundry area, parking, drinkable water, plus we have our own party/dance floor area. 


Are there lockers where we can put our passports or other important items?

The campsite has lockers, and we also have a giant container which gets locked every night and we can put small valuables in there during the festival and when we're away from the campsite. 


2 of us are vegans, do you cater for this?

We cater for vegetarians, so we can always just remove the animal-product bits of that and stuff you to the brim with fruits and veggies and starches.....whatever we do, we'll make a plan for you. 


What is the name of the camp site we are staying at?

The campsite's name is Gran Camping Zarautz. It's an awesome campsite right near the beach but away from the overpopulated tourist beaches. 


What is the nightlife like in Zarautz? 

The nightlife in Zarautz is a lot of fun. We also run complimentary buses into the centre of San Sebastian frequently for our twice weekly beach BBQ's that we put on in a nightclub there. The nightlife at our campsite, with about 1000 partiers, is also a lot of fun. Open bars can have that effect! 


How much would a Taxi be from the campsite to San Sebastian?

Taxi's between San Sebastian city centre and the campsite on Zarautz beach cost around 30 euros. There is also very simple public transport for 2 euros.


I want to stay in a hotel instead.

For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit Hotel Reservation in Pamplona for more information.




July 4

  • Stoke 4th of July massive party - a barbecue and boozy bash at San Sebastian's surf beach.
    Independence day for Americans and booze dependence day for everyone else.

July 5

  • 8AM - 10AM - Hot breakfast 
  • Many guests arrive  today
  • Free time to do optional activities - Stoke Suggestion: Go jump off a cliff -  10 metre jump rock a short (5 min) walk from camp.
  • 6PM - Free pick-up available from San Sebastian outside Kursaal Opera House - please prebook
  • 8PM - Campsite party

July 6

  • 8AM - Hot breakfast
  • 09:00AM - Coaches depart from the campsite and head for the centre of Pamplona for the opening ceremony
  • 6 PM - Free pick up from San Sebastian for any arrivals today - prebook.
  • 8 PM - Buses leave Pamplona to return to the campsite. If you want to part all night in the streets, you can take our coaches returning to the campsite the following morning at 11:30AM

July 7 -14

  • 4:30 AM - Hot breakfast (vegetarian available)
  • 5 AM - Buses depart for Pamplona to get there in time for the bull run
  • 12:00 PM - Buses return from Pamplona to the campsite
  • Free time - Stoke Suggestion: wine tasting at the winery next door
  • 6PM - Free pick up from San Sebastian (prebook)
  • 8PM- Free barbecue dinner from July 5 and every second night until the 15th
  • 11:30 AM - Optional late bus into Pamplona for those wanting an all-night party prior to the bull run the following morning

 Stoke Suggestions for Optional activities (not included):

  • Beers on the hill overlooking the best view in the universe..
  • Wine tasting at the winery next door
  • Cider house and house-sized steaks in the campsite bar
  • 10 metre jump rock
  • Nude surfing
  • Night surfing
  • Body surfing 
  • Web surfing
  • Stoke's famous slip 'n slide down the grassy hill
  • Hit up our very own skate ramp 
  • Fail at chatting up locals
  • Fail at trying out the local lingo
  • Suntan and chill on the beach
  • Surfboards and wetsuits available for hire, as well as lessons from one of our instructors - we have many different sizes of boards available for all levels.
  • Head into beautiful San Sebastian and amble through the town
  • Beach volleyball
  • Beach rugby
  • Walking tours in San Sebastian
  • Explore Zarautz
  • Swimming
  • Fishing 

Pamplona Running of the Bulls - Schedule

Pamplona's San Fermin Festival events are as follows:

  • July 6 
    This day is different from the rest of the festival. 
    • 12noon - The opening ceremony which is also known as the Chupinazo. 
    • 11pm - Fireworks, partying. These are the constants of the festival
  • July 7-14 
    Every day has the same schedule:
    • 8am -The Running of the Bulls happens. 
    • 6.30pm - Bullfights happen in the city's arena with the bulls that were running that morning. 
    • 11pm - The party continues!


Flights Inquiry Form

Travel Tales


Fuck calm, run with bulls.


Here at Stoke Travel we are all about wanting to meet you, and inviting you to all of our parties, festivals, shindigs, boxcar races, bar mitzvahs, first born births, first born conceptions, cockfights (not the illegal ones) shit, anything we do, we like you to join us, and of course our business model (for lack of a better word) is to invite you for a small fee, but sometimes we realise you like to go to these events as much as we do and you just gosh darn can’t travel with us. Your friends booked with another company, your dates just don’t quite gel with ours, you have a phobia of a travel companies with the word travel in the name or lopsided feet in the logo, who knows. To that extent we wish to offer some small practical guides, for festivals and cities we know, built from our own experiences, fresh and free from the corporate constraints of cash, contracts and more cockfighting. We’ve been to these places more times than we visit our Grans, which is to say, semi annually for the last 5 years or so, when the weather is good.


So traveling with us or not, if you’re headed to San Fermin, commonly known by Anglophiles as Running of the Bulls festival soon, read up son, and heed our advice for we tell it how it is, not how Mum wants to read it.


There’s a lot of bullshit that flies around come early July about running of the bulls. Everyone knows someone who got hit, saw someone die, knows where to stand, how to run, where the hospital is, what colour the bulls like best, things like this. These people are fools. Foolish fools with no concept of this mad festival. It’s okay if you’ve never been to this festival and don’t know what to expect. Loudmouths think they know these bulls and believe you me, there is no way to anticipate this festival if you’ve never been to a party in Spain before, no way to plan ahead if you’ve just never been to the bulls before and never any way to predict it even if you’ve been a hundred times before. It’s carnage in a quiet town, and the bulls make up only a small part of this San Fermin festival.


The Encierro, or the Running of the Bulls, is part of a larger festival that runs for 8 days in which all participants known as the San Fermines revel in the hedonism of one of the most bitchin saints this side of Saint “Tap That” Assisi. From the first day the party does not stop, with events and themes every day literally impossible to all be seen. International Fireworks-Offs between countries every night (yes, this is a thing), take your chance in any of the bars, both established and pop-ups, Marching bands drowning out scheduled staged bands. The streets look like a landfill got girl-teenager drunk on Sangria and evacuated her contents all over the town, everyone’s in a good mood, nobody fights or argues, feel free to mingle with everyone you see that kind of dances like you a little bit just kinda. As everyone knows the inconvenient truth, that tomorrow could be the day you get All Gored.


Pamplona is an old walled city, semi-sieged by Napoleon once when the trusting Pamplona citizens let him just wander in and take over, on the pretence of just needing to pass through to invade Portugal. You can read more about this in our city guide here (put link to Pamplona city guide here) This trusting and hospitable nature has carried over and most of the locals are very happy to have you. Having said that, they still ask you respect their pretty town and biggest week of the year, so don’t be a wanker, otherwise that makes you just like Napoleon, and ain’t nobody want that. So wear the uniform, respect the tradition and don’t stand out like a well-decorated Frenchman in a sea of bloody Spaniards.


It’s going to be cold. France winter cold. Summer in northern Spain only exists in the daytime, so if you go out all night as you are wont to do, dress yourself in a white jumper, not just a white shirt or you will be huddling close to the bulls for warmth, which is a total amateur thing to do, and you’ll be laughed out of the stocks. 


Most of the partying goes on til around 5am, and the bullrun itself is at 8am sharp. You’ll probably wander the street where the bulls storm through the night before, as it runs through the town for around 820 metres, just to the east and north of the main plaza (Plaza Del Castillo). But you won’t notice it as the bull run street until around 6am as they begin to hammer up the boards and constructions to block off the street and guard local shop windows. If you want to watch the run from top of one of these wooden constructions you need to be up there no later than 7am as you can imagine, they get pretty chock-a-block with people eyeing off the coming run.


If you want to watch the end of the run, from the arena, you can buy tickets around this time and move in, just ask anyone for the Arena de Los Toros, and they should be able to point you in the fit direction (alcohol willing). Tickets are around €8 and they have screens to watch the entire run, and you’ll see the bulls finish up there with a few hundred of the runners, and then arguably the most exciting part of the run starts, so get a good seat!


Stoke’s Three things you need to remember at Rubbing of the Balls.

1. Think long and hard about if you want to be doing this, it’s okay just to watch.

2. It’s best looked at from afar. They are hairy unpredictable beasts. If you want to watch your friends do it, find a good vantage spot so you can try and get some photos.
3. Remember how sensitive they are.
4. Fuck, wrong festival.



If you choose to run with the bulls:

The Encierro (Running of the Bulls) begins at 8 so get your red and whites on, and get ready to pump calves in front of adult bulls.

There is no sign up list for the Bull Run, and anyone can run; contrary to a persisting rumour, girls will not be treated any differently to guys, so don’t be put off!

To be sure to get in, just head to the City Hall and behind the police in Plaza Consistorial around 7 am to wait to go to the street where you run. The police line is formed on Mercaderes Street near Banesto Bank.

If you miss this area (Too drunk to run with bulls?) you can probably still get in, just run madly around the fenced off street and look for ways to duck under the barriers. Once you’re on the street you can usually stay there, and wait for the inevitable…



Main Rules:

No cameras, or you’ll get some great footage of a cracked screen and a doctor trying to take your lens out of your skull.
Wear shoes, this isn’t Woodstock.

Don’t be (too) drunk. A Sisyphean feat, but try to at least be able to stand straight…

Respect the culture; Wear red and white, not your footy shirt. Be respectful of the locals and their traditions.

Do not hit/ride/slap/flirt/touch the bulls. For your own safety obviously, and also because if you do, holy shit, you will receive the royal smackdown from anyone who sees you. You’ll see it happen too. Some wannabe Drunken Wild Bill Hickock will try ride one of the steers and you’ll see him king hit by about 16 dragon punches at once. Expect no mercy if you try to fuck with the bulls.


This is how it’ll go:

Once you’re on the street, you have nothing to do but wait and get in your head til 8am. Some people use this time to stretch, some to down the last of their wine, some to pee a little bit, some nap, whatever you feel like doing, the energy in the air is electric. Many people who’ve never run before choose to start around Estafeta, the street about halfway through, as you can get a nice straight run, after Dead Man’s Corner, and still have time to get out of the way and let the bulls run past.

As it gets closer to 8am people will move into place and as the hour gets closer people start to look a little nervous. At precisely 8 you’ll hear a large rocket be ignited with a huge bang! throughout the city. This means the first bulls have been released and you’ll start to see some who’ve changed their mind try to get out. Don’t be weak of heart! Stand your ground, a few seconds later a second rocket will be launched with another cracking bang!

This means the bulls are on the run, you have a precious few seconds now until you see un monton of people pounding their legs towards you and the hundreds of pounds of muscled meat with horns coming right for you.

You should probably run now.

Run as fast as you can, and move to the side when the bulls get too close. That’s all you need to do! It’ll last a second or two, but it’ll feel like an eternity. Float like a butterfly, run like a mad bastard.


If you trip, stay flat down, and the bulls will run over you. Don’t try to get up, or you’ll get your head smashed in. Once the bulls have passed someone will tap you on the shoulder to tell you it’s okay to get up, now run again!!

If you make it to be close to the hinds of the bulls you’ll storm into the arena Gladiator style, and this is when the real fun begins…

Congratulations! You crazy fool, you fuckin did it! It only lasted three minutes, but you’re used to that!

You’re now a member of the bull run clan, who ain’t nothing to buck with.

Enjoy the arena spectacular, go get a beer, say a cheers to those who didn’t make it. Call mum. Go to bed. Wake up, rinse, repeat.

If you see us around wearing Stoke shirts, come tell us how you went. Buy us a beer and say thanks for all this useful advice.


Fuck calm, run with bulls.


Love from Stoke Travel.



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Had the best time of my life

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