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Ibiza Beach Camp

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1st June - 15th September 2016 (min. 2 nights)

The boho babe, the hippie chick, the all night raver and the sexy guy next door…. Ibiza is the place for everyone.

It’s because it’s so beautiful and yet it´s the premier party destination, without exaggeration.  The place is stunning, with mountains, azure seas and perfect weather. It’s breathtaking!

We stay in a camp where the grass is greener, the tents poles are straighter, the hammocks are well hung. A camp that puts the psyche in psychedelic, the hip in hippie and groove in groovy. Located almost on top of Cala Nova beach, with its fine sand and crystal clear water, our Beach Camp has a great atmosphere and a wicked crowd. We have created the perfect Ibiza Camp with access to the amazing natural beauty of Ibiza with the Hippie lifestyle, the rave filled evenings and of course with the right wind Cala Nova is one of Ibiza’s surf spots.

Ibiza is more renowned for its discos and nightclubs and sunset bars, its dancing and drinking and sex, its beauty and glamour and white boats with people wearing white and huge sunglasses. And that’s just fine, because it’s in beautiful environments like this that these hedonistic pursuits can really flourish. So we go there not only to party, but to party while appreciating the island’s natural charms. Plus the natural charms of its inhabitants. Because of course, if you take the world’s number one party destination and plonk it on top of one of the world’s most naturally delightful islands, of course the beautiful people are going to be there.

Beach camp:
You can arrive and leave any day and stay as long as you like (min. 2 nights). When you get to camp, you’ll be greeted with a welcome beer or sangria, shown to your tent home and orientated (beach is that way, beers are that way). Then we shall commence bliss time. We do daily yoga, there’s snorkeling, cliff jumping, tanning, swimming, oh, and drinking. We’ll feed you a hearty breaky and make you a take-to-the-beach lunch and we’ll make the most of the daylight hours. Come sundown, we’ll start sipping more heavily on our unlimited booze while we make ready for the party night ahead. We’ll head into town to party at one of the hot Ibiza clubs, or we’ll dance on the beach under the stars.

All inclusive: 60€/ 95AU$/ 70US$/ £50 a night (min. 2 nights)

Bed only: 25€/ 40AU$/ 30US$/ £20 a night

Stoke Travel Passport holders:

(Don’t know what The Stoke Travel Passport is? Check it out here! Your universe will change.)

Eligible for a 3 night stay at our beach camp with unlimited beer and sangria included.

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Key Features

  • 60€/ 95AU$/ 70US$/ £50 /night
  • Where: Ibiza
  • When: 1st June – 15th September 2016 (min 2 nights)
  • How: Meet us there or come float with us on the ferry.
  • Sleep: We’ll be resting our spinning heads in tents with air mattresses and sleeping bags provided in our lovely campsite by the sea.
  • Eat: Breakfast and lunches are included in the all inclusive package – delicious options for breakfast and portable lunches to take to the beach Open bar of beer and sangria 11am-11pm (10€ extra a day)
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  • All Inclusive package 60€/night


    – Beachside camping
    – Pre-erected tents with mattresses and sleeping bags
    – Breakfast daily (pancakes, Spanish toasts, french toasts, eggs, oats, fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice)
    – Lunch daily (takeaway baguettes for beach)
    – Daily use of snorkeling gear
    – Daily yoga sesh
    – Football, volleyball games, beach frisbee
    – Coastal hikes and cliff jumping
    – Party trips and guiding
    – Discounted club entry
    – Sunburn and friends for life
    – Visits to various hippie markets

    Basic Package 25€/night


    – Tent set up for arrival

    Add ons:

    – Open bar of beer and sangria 11am-11pm (10€ extra a day)
    – One Way Ferry from Barcelona on Thursday night in May, June and September for 75€ or a return ferry from & to Barcelona in July and August for 140€ (overnight ferries on Thursday and Sunday night)! – Request via info@stoketravel.com

    Note: In May, June & September, the ferry leaves Barcelona on Thursday eve and travel overnight to Ibiza. There are no return ferries on the weekend so check Skyscanner for the cheapest flights back. In July & August, the outbound ferry leaves Barcelona on Thursday evening and travels overnight and the inbound ferry leaves Ibiza Sunday evening and travels overnight.
    Coming to Tomatina? Combine it with an Ibiza trip leaving from Valencia! (See trip options)


  • Itinerary for Hippie Camp Stay

    Arrive any day and get the public bus to our doorstep or take a taxi outside of bus times.
    09:00 Wake up to a lovely breakfast daily of pancakes or Spanish toasts or french toasts, eggs, oats, fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice
    10:00 Prepare for the day with a morning yoga sesh
    11:00 Head to the beach to play some football or volley ball or to just catch a tan
    12:00 We’ll bring your lunch to the beach so you don’t even have to leave your towel
    13:00 Crack open a beer or get started on the sangria
    15:00 Go for a slightly tipsy snorkel to see any fish-life about
    16:00 Head to a hippie market
    17:00 Jump off a cliff
    19:00 Head back to camp to prepare for the night’s festivities and have dinner and warmup drinks
    20:00 Eat, sleep, rave, repeat

  • Cala Nova, Ibiza.

    Situated on the east coast of the island you’ll find Cala Nova, a blissfully beautiful beach with golden sand and clear blue sea. Cala Nova is one of Ibiza’s few beaches with decent surf, when the wind is right, and is therefore very popular with the dedicated surfers on the island.

    Just a few minutes walk from Cala Nova is the town of Es Caná, perfect for both relaxing and partying! The beach is a golden crescent of sand lined with pine trees, its a great place to go to chill with a nice cold drink from one of the bars along its edge or to take a dip in the clear blue Mediterranean sea. You can hire jet skis, para sail, windsurf, snorkel and much more from Es Caná beach, so there’s plenty of daytime action for everyone. There is also a great choice of restaurants providing everything from Classic fish and chips to top notch Steak meals along with a variety of lively pubs, outdoor bars and fashionable chill-out lounges.

    Campsite Address:

    Camping Cala Nova
    Av. Cala Nova
    Santa Eulària des Riu
    Ibiza, Spain


  • Meet us There

    Come fly to us…

    Just about every airline in Europe flies to Ibiza, so it’s not hard to get a cheap flight. Check out a flight comparison website like Skyscanner, or Kayak, for the best deals.
    Once you get to Ibiza airport take the bus L24, which goes right to our doorstep.
    08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00
    Duration: 40 mins
    Cost: 4€
    If you arrive outside of these times, you can take a taxi which will set you back around 30€

    By boat

    Book your ferry with us from Barcelona to Ibiza and back, email info@stoketravel.com for more info and prices.

    Campsite Address:

    Camping Cala Nova
    Av. Cala Nova
    Santa Eulària des Riu
    Ibiza, Spain

  • Enter your questions in the Ask a Question Tab and we’ll answer them here… when we get time between partying our pants off and organizing epic tours.

    What’s the campsite like?
    Our campsite is a slice of heaven by the sea with loads of activities, loads of time to chillout and sip our drinks and ample moonlight beach dancing opportunities. We set up your tent for you with air mattress and sleeping bag, we have daily yoga sessions, snorkeling equipment, cliffs perfect for jumping off nearby and visits to hippie markets.

    What should I bring?
    Sunscreen, beachwear, a towel, something awesome to party in, condoms, a camera, condoms (better safe than sorry!), a torch to see the inside of your tent, a pillow.

    Is alcohol cheap?
    As mentioned above, there’s an open bar from 11am to 11pm. That helps cut costs of boozing up, so your purse won’t be stretched too far to get a good booze buzz going. Beware, spirits and beers in da clubs are more expensive than a high end prostitute on a Saturday night, so make the most of pre-drinking and you shall be thrifty little party animals.

    What clubs will we go to?
    You can go wherever you want young, wild child. The campsite has live music most nights and we will judge the best club for that night, it may be Pacha, Space or other world class party venues. We usually manage to get great Ibiza club discounts for your entry depending on the night, time to letcha hair out and get weird.

    Will I pull a hottie?
    Ibiza is renowned for beautiful people dancing on boats in crisp, white swimwear, their tanned bodies glistening in the sunshine. It’s also renowned for it’s crazy parties. Basically what we’re getting at is if you know how to play your cards right and appreciate divine, semi-clothed beauties you should be on your way to island paradiso.

    How long does the ferry take to get to the island?
    In July and August, the ferry departs Spanish mainland at 10:30pm on Thursdays arrives at Ibiza at 7am the next morning. Ferries back on Sunday take a little longer as they go via Mallorca. They leave at 6:30pm on Sunday and arrive at 8am on Monday morning. Just in time for you to get back to work or school with a pocketful of blurry memories.

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  • Had the time of my life - James

  • Perfect way to get a taste of Ibiza….away from hooligans, and close to the beautiful blue seas and perfect to hook up with European chicks ;). The stoke staff were really helpful giving us info & great prices on the best clubs. -Jake

>>> Trip Options <<<

1st June - 15th September 2016 (min. 2 nights)



Stoke Travel

60€ / night

More Info Book Now



beachside camping
pre-erected tents with mattresses and sleeping bags
breakfast daily (pancakes, Spanish toasts, french toasts, eggs, oats, fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice)
lunch daily (takeaway baguettes for beach)
daily use of snorkeling gear
daily yoga sesh
football, volleyball games, beach frisbee
coastal hikes and cliff jumping
party trips and guiding
discounted club entry
sunburn and friends for life
visits to various hippie markets

Add on: open bar of beer and sangria from 11:00 – 23:00 (10€ extra/day)

Need transport?

Add a One Way Ferry from Barcelona on Thursday night in May, June and September for 75€ or a return ferry from & to Barcelona in July and August for 140€ (overnight ferries on Thursday and Sunday night)! Ask us at info@stoketravel.coom

1st June - 15th September 2016 (min. 2 nights)


Stoke Travel

25€ / night

More Info Book Now

Trip option: BASIC PACKAGE


tent set up for your arrival at beachfront campsite.

Add ons:

open bar of beer and sangria from 11:00 – 23:00 (10€ extra/day)
upgrade to All inclusive package

Need transport?
Add a One Way Ferry from Barcelona on Thursday night in May, June and September for 75€ or a return ferry from & to Barcelona in July and August for 140€ (overnight ferries on Thursday and Sunday night)! Ask us at info@stoketravel.com

30th August – 3rd September

Tomatina & Ibiza From Valencia

Stoke Travel


More Info Book Now

Trip option: Tomatina & Ibiza From Valencia


2 nights at La Tomatina camp just outside of Valencia
Bloody Mary’s on the day of the fight
transport to and from the festival in Bunol
Tomatina ticket
return ferry from & to Valencia
3 nights accommodation at our beachside Ibiza hippie camp in tent accommodation with mattress and sleeping bag provided
5 breakfasts, 3 lunches and one dinner
awesome Guides
daily use of snorkeling gear
daily yoga sesh
coastal hikes and cliff jumping
party trips and guiding
discounted club entry
visits to various hippie markets


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