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  • Las Fallas Festival 2017
  • Las Fallas Festival 2017
  • Las Fallas Festival 2017
  • Las Fallas Festival 2017

Las Fallas Festival 2017

Valencia, Spain

15th - 19th March

Setting fire to things at Las Fallas Festival 2017

Spain is famous for its unique and crazy street festivals, and this fiesta is one-of-a-kind. Las Fallas Festival 2017 takes place in Valencia, a city of just 1 million inhabitants, but this increases to around 3 million flame-lovers during the event. Las Fallas Festival 2017 is a celebration of the coming of spring. It is a festival to wish a jubilant bon voyage to winter, where locals farewell those cold days and even colder nights by building giant ninots (puppets or dolls) out of cardboard, wood, paper machè and plaster, and then burn them to the ground. There are spectacular fireworks set off from every angle, and, of course, drinking sangria and dancing in the streets.

The ninots are made to look lifelike and usually fit in with current events, poking fun at Spanish politicians and celebrities. The massive structures are sometimes lifted into place by cranes on the day of la plantà or the rising, and they remain here until the 19th March, the day of the burning. Young men wander around the city with axes making little hard-to-spot holes in the ninots and stuffing them full of fireworks. Just before midnight the crowds in Valencia start to chant, the streetlights are turned off and finally at midnight the ninots are set on fire. What follows is an explosion of fireworks, roaring fires and full-on excitement.

Stoke Travel Does Las Fallas Festival 2017

In true Stokie style, each year at Las Fallas Festival we host a weekend of camping nearby. The camp is set up, the tents are erected, the mattresses are laid out and the sleeping bags are at the ready, so all you have to do is stumble back once the celebrations are over. Our chef will cook up a culinary storm and you can add on unlimited beer and sangria for only €10 per day. As always, we’ll be hosting the biggest party outside of the party with a bunch of legendary like-minded characters. For those looking to join in the fun for 24 hours only, Stoke Travel has you covered, as we’ll be running a variety of buses to the event. Check out our trip options here.

PRICE: €60 | AU$ 95 | US$ 70 | £50 per NIGHT (MIN 2 NIGHTS)

Stoke Travel Passport holders:

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Stoke Travel Passport holders are eligible for a 3 night all-inclusive stay with unlimited beer and sangria included.

€ 60 PER NIGHT (MIN 2 NIGHTS) Book Now

Key Features

  • Where: Valencia, Spain
  • When: 16th - 20th March
  • How: Meet us there or take our private shuttle from Barcelona and join us for a Barcelona stay before or after too if you like.
  • Age: Young at heart traveler 18+. Free trip if you bring your grandma
  • Sleep: Camping accommodation (pre-erected twin share tent, mattress, sleeping bag)
  • Eat: Hot and hearty breakfasts each morning and delicious dinners every second evening
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  • Included:

    • Camping accommodation in pre-erected twin share tents with mattress and sleeping bag provided
    • Hot breakfast daily
    • Dinner every second night
    • Transfers to and from Las Fallas
    • Experienced guides to lead you through the mayhem
    • Massive Stoke campsite party
    • Beach games


    • Unlimited beer and sangria for €10 a day
  • Where the Wild Oranges roam.

    We stay just north of Valencia city, in a beach town called Puzol (Puçol in the local lingo – it’s pronounced Puthol though, confusing right?) Puzol is well connected to Valencia city, and we have our own private shuttles for Las Fallas and for visits to town. Puzol is located on a stretch of beautiful Mediterranean beaches and every year we arrive and blow the town’s collective mind.

    Our camp is beachside…. you can get out of your tent, make a beeline for the beach and be splashing about within 5 minutes of opening your sangria-soaked eye sockets. The campsite is not wild in the slightest, with full-time security, a bar, restaurant and shop onsite, a great swimming pool with slide, clean amenities, great authentic Spanish atmosphere (it’s not uncommon to be invited into a family’s caravan for a meal of authentic local paella).

    And there is so much more to the region outside of the festivities! Valencia has a wonderful old walled city, great modern architecture, clubs, restaurants, beaches and bars. It’s just wonderful! Come and see it! You’re going to love it! We adore it!

    Campsite Address:

    Camping Pucol
    Camí Riu Turia 3
    Puzol Playa

  • Meet Us There

    Aeroplanes are fast

    Fly to Valencia and then make your way to our camp. A train will take you into the city centre (Estación del Norte) from the airport and another train from there to Puçol. From Puçol we pick you up, yeah buddy. Check out the little hint below for details of your Valencia – Pucol* commute.

    Trains are simple

    It was once considered glamorous to travel by train. These days it’s merely considered to be faster, yet more expensive, than buses and slower, but often cheaper, than planes.
    Same deal. Estación del Norte is the main station. Just get a ride to there, jump on a local train to Puçol* and we do the rest.


    Buses take you places

    Same thing again. Just make sure you get a ride to Valencia and not somewhere else, like Palencia, which is on the other side of Spain, but presumably full of pals.

    Valencia to the Campsite:

    You buy your ticket to Puzol (Puçol, pronounced ‘Puthol’) from the Main Hall of Estación del Norte. They cost 2 bucks, which is bubblegum money. There are two ticket counters, one air-conditioned glass box that sells long distance trips and one right smack bang in the middle of the main hall that sells short journeys. Puçol is just up the road from Valencia, so make sure you sweat it out in the main hall, OK? The ticket waitress will tell you the platform.

    Once you reach Pucol, give us a call on 0034 625 304 703…
    We will be doing pick-ups every our from 9am-8pm on the day before La Tomatina. If you arrive on other days or outside these times, you can call us between 9am & 8pm for a pick-up. After that, you just jump in a 5 minute cab. Same deal for if you arrive before 9am or after 8pm.

    Campsite Address:

    Camping Pucol
    Camí Riu Turia 3
    Puzol Playa

  • Enter all of your questions in the Ask a Question Tab and we’ll answer them here…

    Do you provide transport from Valencia centre?
    No, but getting to Puzol from Valencia is easy peasy and we pick you up from the train station there. We have set pickup times (9am – 8pm on the hour) and outside of that, just let us know when you are on the train from Valencia’s central station to Puzol and we’ll jump in the car and head over. See how to get there details for more info.

    What is the breakfast like?
    Breakfast is bacony and eggy and delicious. Sometimes there’a pancake or two thrown in for good measure. Our chefs are pretty frikking good at food.

    It said on the website that it is a twin tent. Can it fit two people?
    Yes, the twin tents are two-man tents. We have two-man tents, so if you are in a group of three, one of you will be tented with a new friend of the same sex. Tents are allocated on arrival, so just let us know your preferences when you arrive. We also have an option to have a private tent for a small additional fee – just in case you don’t want to share…. or if you want leave space for the hottie you’re going to meet at our campsite… You never know…

    And what amenities are offered at the camp site?
    The campsite is awesome! It has a giant pool, a playground, a cafe/restaurant, a little shop, hot showers, laundry area, parking, drinkable water, and it’s a five minute walk from the beach.

    Are there lockers where we can put our passports or other important items?
    The campsite itself has no lockers, but we a campervan which gets locked every night and we can put small valuables in there during the festival and when we’re away from the campsite.

    If we are camping does that mean we’ll be attacked by wild animals?
    We serve unlimited alcohol at our camps. You, my friend, will be the wild animal.

    Are these questions really the most frequently asked?
    No, but if you have any specific questions you must email – the guys in the office know absolutely everything about anything.

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  • What an incredible weekend in Valencia, Las Fallas is craaazy! - Jimmy, UK

  • The Stoke Travel crew were brilliant guides. We'll definitely be going again next year - Stephanie, Barcelona

  • My mind was blown how big and real the nintos were. The fireworks were sick and we just ran around all night going wild in the street parties - Sam, Australia

  • A party like no other, the Spanish really know how to throw a street party. Bring on Las Fallas 2017! - Joost, Amsterdam

>>> Trip Options <<<

15th - 19th March

Las Fallas

per night

Stoke Travel

€ €60

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Trip option: Las Fallas


  • Camping accommodation in pre-erected twin share tents with mattress and sleeping bag provided
  • Hot breakfast daily
  • Dinner every second night
  • Transfers to and from Las Fallas
  • Experienced guides to lead you through the mayhem
  • Massive Stoke campsite party
  • Beach games


  • Unlimited beer and sangria for €10 a day



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