5 Reasons Drinking Beer In Spring Is A Great Idea

With winter upon us it’s easy to turn into a shivering, lifeless blob. Summer picnics and beach days have vanished from memory (along with your motivation to exercise), and life’s looking bleak. So what do you do? You write a list of reasons why it’s going to be oh so good when it’s over, when spring finally arrives and beer drinking season resumes in earnest.

  1. Spring is a lively time of year: a time of change where, even if you haven’t got your shit together, nature sure as hell has. Things are melting, growing, singing, chirping and what is this if not an excuse to celebrate? More so than expecting change just because the calendar year has ticked over, actual meteorological changes can affect your mood and thus your fortunes; time to drink to new beginnings, or to drink away all those pesky New Year’s resolutions that remain unresolved.
  1. The beer is colder (and the people prettier): depending on how many cervezas you sink this is 100% true. Parties last longer when you’re in a good mood, and you’ll be spoilt for choice. We recommend Munich’s Springfest – Oktoberfest’s better looking twin (only tens of thousands of people attend, not millions of billions), which features big beer halls, steins of beer, and delicious bavarian cuisine. In many respects Springfest is actually a more authentic experience, with a much smaller tourist-to-local ratio – think more German ladies with big jugs (of beer) and less drunken ‘lads on tour’. It’s also joined by a giant flea market and (depending on the day) firework displays.
  1. Spring is a perfect way to train yourself to cope with the summer festive season. If you can’t handle Springfest how are you going to cope with Barcelona boat parties, La Tomatina, Las Fallas, or the San Vino wine fight?
  1. Beer is good for the digestive system: looking to detox after winter’s heavy diet? Well a recent study by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry shows that beer is full of ingredients with digestive properties, including the stimulation of gastric acid and important pancreatic enzymes. Drink ten, just to be safe.
  1. Your good mates at Stoke are going to be drinking in spring: don’t let them drink alone. We like to have fun with people from all corners of the globe, and it’s always a blast. Come revel in being young (or young at heart), and give winter the send off it deserves.