Trabaja con nosotros

Trabaja con nosotros

Stoke wants you!

Looking to work, travel and party throughout Europe with a sick-ass crew? Well you have come to the right place.

At stoke we believe that the crew are just as important as our travellers. We are all here to have a good time and meet people from all different walks of life! We are always looking for energetic, talented individuals to join our crew Europe-wide, and you may be the next member of our Stoke Travel family…

We have many positions available from logistics and trip planning, surf instructing, event promotions, bar-tending, kitchen, dazzling, video producing, stoke internships to guiding… and whatever your role may be you’ll be in charge of the good times!

  • Festival Crew

    We are looking for weird and wonderful crew for our summer festivals around Europe:

    Springfest (Spring Oktoberfest) Munich, Germany – April 15th – 24th
    Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain – July 6th – July 14th
    San Vino, Haro, Spain –  June 28th – 30th
    Tomatina, Buñol, near Valencia, Spain – August 29th – September 2nd
    Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany October 17th September – 3rd October |

    We need people who have pride in their work – no matter what the role. At festivals we look at covering the following positions:

    • Accountants
    • Reception Crew
    • Guides & Tent Runners
    • Sous-chefs
    • Kitchen Hands
    • DJs & Entertainers
    • Bar Crew
    • Security Crew
  • Internships

    Stoke Travel are currently looking for the following internships to be filled: Graphic Design, Business Accounting & Administration and Sales & Marketing. An internship is a freelance position at Stoke Travel, it’s a one off opportunity to learn the skills of the industry and get experience like no other. Our internships are fun and laid back, yet we don’t have you making our coffee or filing. You are required to use your brain and all ideas and input with regards to our products and trips or company are welcome. You will be based in Barcelona full time and you will get the chance to travel with us throughout Europe, for free of course.

  • Stoke Ambassadors

    Stoke Travel is looking for Stoke Ambassadors to help spread the good word of Stoke Travel. This is the perfect job if you have travelled or partied with Stoke before and if you aren’t ready to go back to reality just yet. You can do this from wherever you are… whether it be studying at uni or from your bed (or someone else’s) or while working at your local pub or cafe to save your pennies to come traveling again. Yep sign up to be a Stoke Ambassador and you may be on another trip with us very soon!

If you think you are the right fit for any of the roles above please apply by sending us your cover letter and CV to or fill out the form below.

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