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Stoke Travel creative intern team enjoying a day at work
Stoke Travel Is Looking For Creative Interns

To live, laugh, love, pray, eat, drink and sometimes pass out in Barcelona Have you got a passion for words? For the moving picture? For likes? Stoke Travel, Europe’s — and maybe the world’s — number one choice for festival travel and all-round questionable behaviour is looking for creative interns to join it’s winter team. […]

Pumpkin Spice? That Doesn’t Sound Nice

Some people just live for Autumn. Skiers and snowboarders can see the snows a’comin’ and lovers can get back to a non-stick snuggle routine. In the United States, where they call it “Fall”, the people seem to find solace in the arrival of something called Pumpkin Spice Latte, which quite frankly sounds terrible. Pumpkin plus […]

Boozeletter: Most Ordinary Extraordinary Job In The World Edition

We see these “Best Job In The World” promotions popping up often, offering lucky punters a job that isn’t really a job, a glorified galavanting around the globe, sampling all that’s best on the company in question’s roster. They seem too good to be true, and truth be told we’ll never know if they are […]

Stoke’s Euro Summer 2017 Picks

5 Places That Are Better In Summer Spring has well and truly sprung here in Europe. The bees are making love to the birds and they’re doing it on top of flowers, the sun is lingering around for longer meaning that waking life is no longer lived in darkness and some brave Europeans have even […]

Happy New Year Boozeletter

New Year, new you! Are your resolutions in order? Have you deluded yourself into thinking you’ll miraculously become a new person once the clock ticks over into 2017? We haven’t! We’re on a gentle path to self improvement every damn day; in fact New Years Day is the number one worst time to begin the […]

Five Items Every Traveller Carries But Never Uses

At the bottom of everyone’s bag is a collection of items that haven’t been used once, but your inner hoarder refuses to get rid of as you’re convinced at some point they’ll be absolutely essential and you’ll be kicking yourself if you’ve thrown them out.

The Boozeletter: Tomato, is it a Fruit or Vegetable?

The question is: tomato: fruit or vegetable? They say that the world is divided between those who say tomató and others who say tomáto, but that point of difference barely registers when compared to the eternal debate over whether said tomato falls under the genus of fruits, or is of the vegetable species. It’s a […]

The Most Extraordinary Ordinary Job In The World: A Competition

The Most Extraordinary Ordinary Job In The World competition is back, and this year we’re looking for two chosen ones. Do you love writing, shooting videos and photos, bragging to your friends on social media or are just a legendary traveller? Well you can win the summer of your dreams. Read on…  Stoke Travel is offering […]

Stoke Travel Boozeletter: The Resolutions Are All Broken

The Resolutions Are All Broken It’s that time of the year when we come to terms with who we really are. Less than a week out from the revelry of New Year’s Eve and all of our resolutions have gone to shit. We expected them too, so that’s no big deal, and old year old […]

The New And Improved Stoke Travel Passport

Introducing the Stoke Travel Passport   Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! Zalig Kerstfeest! Joyeux Noël! Buon Natale! Nizhonigo Keshmish! Bon Nadal! Eguberri on!   Or Bah humbug, whatever floats your boat.   Given the pace of the silly season we’re not expecting many Stokies to read this, but for those who are BOY ARE YOU IN […]