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The low down on the latest happenings and most intriguing impending trips here at Stoke Travel. And some really bad jokes, a bit of foul language and perhaps a little nudity…. because why not?

Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President, The Stoke Travel Co. team would like to formally invite you and your family to join us here in Pamplona for San Fermin, Running of the Bullsand to maybe grab a beer or two. The Stoke Travel Co. are an amazing example of how a dream became a reality. This happened when […]

May 2016
May 2016: Grannies

People think Stoke is for young people, but there are so many reasons why not just young people travel with Stoke. We accept everyone of all ages, races, faces, and crimes committed in passion. Stoke Boozeletter – the news for May 2016: your grandmother is better than you, and wetter So this year it’s Stoke’s […]

April 2016
April 2016

We’re getting pumped here at Stoke Towers in April 2016 Because the weather is heating up, summer is on its way and nothing but good times await… Yes, it really is April 2016! Ibiza is the focus this week! Ibiza is legendary in its own right. It is the premier party island of the Spanish […]

february 2016
February 2016

The Stoke Boozeletter February 2016: the who’s who letter, the better check your news better, when you get unlimited booze your poos get wetter Are you hot or are you not? Are you swiped left or right? Which hemisphere are you in? Flush your toilet to find out. When your mother asks why you’re doing […]

things about oktoberfest
Boozeletter: Five Things About Oktoberfest Beer

This list was initially “it’s beer” five times, but a little digging gave us five real things about Oktoberfest beer that’ll put saliva on your tongue and a sway in your gait. If you can possibly, conceivably, make it to Oktoberfest, make sure you join us this year. Only the big weirdos miss out on […]

June 2016: Stoketoberfest

Stoketoberfest: a brief history It was almost a decade ago that the weary Stoke caravan limped into a Munich campsite with delusions of festive grandeur, Stoketoberfest. The caravan was loaded with all kinds of vagabonds and miscreants, on the last leg of our first ever Rolling Circus, partied out, clad in the last of our […]

Donald Trump surfari
Trump Goes On Surfari With Stoke Travel

Media Release Donald Trump hangs ten on Stoke Travel Surfari and demands an ongoing and unrelenting search for best surf The Stoke Travel Co. will be expanding their summer Van Surfari Spain & France this year into a continuous, roaming, undulating surfing road trip where customers can hop on and off as they like, in […]

March 2016: Flexibility Poses

Hello, and welcome the new edition of Stoke News of March 2016 It would be remiss of us not to mention the tragedy in Belgium and Pakistan this past week but please travelers, do not let this heinous act stop you from moving around. Experiencing culture and speaking to people is the exact way to […]

January 2016: Christmas

Hey Stokies of 2015! Thanks and Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for coming and seeing us this year Thanks for once again letting us put on the kinds of events and festivals that you enjoy, because we enjoy them too! Thanks for letting us love you – in a platonic way – while you […]