Charitably Stoked

Charitably Stoked

Stoke Travel supports refugees because we believe in a borderless world

Did you know that your favourite hedonists have a charitable streak? Well we sure do, and this year we’re turning it towards the refugee crisis on Europe’s borders.

While the fit between Europe’s biggest facilitator of travelling hedonism and people fleeing war and persecution may not be immediately apparent, we’ve come to the conclusion that the only thing that separates us, people who travel for enjoyment, and those who travel for survival is that we had the cosmic good fortune to be born into countries with relative safety, prosperity and peace.

Stoke Travel would like to encourage all our travellers to consider the similarities between ourselves and refugees rather than the differences; when we do this it makes perfect sense to do what we can to help these people who are currently going through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

We’re turning our attention to Chios, a small Greek island on the frontier of the greatest human migration since World War Two. This small island is one of the arrival points for refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Having made a perilous trip from their home country, including wallowing in dangerously under resourced refugee camps, they make a short, but perilous trip by boat into the European Union. While they are now relatively safe, it is the work of many charitable organisations in the area to ensure they remain as such, and indeed are afforded whatever assistance they might need to become self sufficient, and prosperous, while they wait to return to their home country, or begin their new life in the EU.

The Voluntary Cup Deposit System
Travellers will be asked to leave a €2 cup deposit at all Stoke Travel trips. This is a deposit and is entirely refundable, but for those who choose to will be able to donate 100% of the deposit to the various charities we support on Chios. These include:

  • Kosta’s Kitchen. A local restaurateur has taken it upon himself to feed the arriving refugees. We want to alleviate some of this burden from him by contributing towards employing staff to help out.
  • Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario. A Spanish Basque organisation that focuses on preserving human life by performing maritime rescues, as well as educating people on Human Rights.
  • Hello My Friend. Working within Europe, Hello My Friend seeks to change the negative stereotypes surrounding refugees while creating projects that promote dignity, self esteem and a sense of worth within the refugee community.

End Of Season Trip To Chios
The other side of the refugee crisis is the reduction in tourism to areas that see large numbers of refugee arrivals. Chios, an island paradise in the classic Greek style, is currently feeling these pressures, and this year after Oktoberfest we intend on doing our bit to alleviate this — while having a nice, sun soaked time ourselves. Join us in Chios where we’ll experience all the pleasures of the Greek Island, while witnessing first hand the refugee crisis’ frontline and lending some assistance where needed. If you’d like to mix your activism with pleasure, contact Toby at