Campervan Combo: The Iberian

Stoke is teaming up with Spaceships Rentals to bring you another one-of-a-kind holiday option.  We combined the party-til-you drop outrageousness of Stoke Travel’s tours with the nomadic freedom of a campervan to give you all the building blocks of an amazing holiday.  Below we’ve whipped up an example itinerary, but the beauty of our Campervan […]


One wild night after another, are you ready for the most fun in your life?


Party with the beautiful people, on the beautiful Mediterranean, pausing only to hurl tomatoes at their gorgeous faces.


An adrenaline rush through the north of Spain This road trip takes you through the north of Spain on an adrenaline infused mad dash, that begins in San Vino Wine Fight, at the biggest wine fight possible. After this we head to San Sebastian surf camp, for some days spent either lazing under the sun, […]

The Beginner

Starting off at the barely legal, not-so-little sister of Oktoberfest, Springfest has all the stein sculling, lederhosen loving, Bavarian brilliance we’ve come to expect from Oktoberfest, but with shorter queues, giving more time for the important business of drinking. Following that we move onto the extremely liberal Dutch capital for their biggest street party of […]

The Campervan Combo

Your Passport To An Out of This World Road-Trip Adventure Spaceships Campervan Rentals offers the best value transport and accommodation package in Europe, making it that much easier to get your Stoke Passport stamped in your own time and in your own way. By The Spaceships Rentals Media Team Ever wondered what the cheapest way […]


Live out your inner Jack Sparrow fantasies while cruising around the stunning Croatian islands with more rum, sun, and sexy sailors than you know what to do with. From Game of Thrones sets to Croatia’s biggest clubs, the adventure never stops on this week long slice of paradise cheesecake. As if that wasn’t enough, the […]


Bulls, barrels and bands — the best parties in the part of Spain that’s not really Spain.