Campervan Combo: The Iberian

Stoke is teaming up with Spaceships Rentals to bring you another one-of-a-kind holiday option.  We combined the party-til-you drop outrageousness of Stoke Travel’s tours with the nomadic freedom of a campervan to give you all the building blocks of an amazing holiday.  Below we’ve whipped up an example itinerary, but the beauty of our Campervan Combo is the unparalleled freedom we give you to #followyourheart.

The Iberian Campervan Combo is deceptively simple: pick three Stoke destinations in Spain or France, pick up your 2 or 4 berth camper from Spaceships in London, and let the road trip commence! Read up on your festival options here, and choose between the San Vino wine fight, Pamplona’s San Fermines (aka The Running of the Bulls), Stoke Travel’s Zarautz Surf Camp, La Tomatina in Valencia, Ibiza Beach Camp by Stoke Travel, and Les Fetes de Bayonne in the French Basque Country.  With six amazing destinations to choose from and as much time on the open road that suits you, you’re free to create a vacation that’s truly unique. Click HERE to see some sample itineraries put together by the Spaceships team. We’ve made up an example of what your Stoke Travel/Spaceships road trip could look like, but don’t let us tell you how to live your life!

Day 1 Pick up your Spaceship campervan in London and ferry across to France.

Day 2-5 France and Spain, the open road.  Spend a couple days in Paris. Visit Mont Saint Michel.  Pass through Bordeaux’s wine country and the Basque Country on your way to La Rioja and the town of Haro Spain.

Day 6&7 San Vino Wine Fight in Haro, La Rioja

Day 8 Check out of Stoke’s San Vino campsite and either hit the surf at Zarautz Beach Camp outside San Sebastian OR hop on the ferry to Ibiza Beach Camp.

Day 9-11 Sand and Sun at Ibiza or Zarautz Beach Camp.  Yoga, shredding, and mellow vibes? Or disco biscuits and cliff diving? Up to you!

Day 12 leave the beach behind and head to Pamplona.

Day 13-15 San Fermin aka The Running of the Bulls.  Finish strong with the adrenaline rush of a lifetime, and boogie with us at Stoked in the Park Pamplona (lineup TBA)

Day 16-21 Hit the road again, Pamplona to Caen for a ferry back to London. See Stoke’s hometown, Barcelona. Visit the mountainside tax-free oasis of Andorra.  Drive along the striking azure coast of south France. See the medieval fortresses of Carcassonne and natural beauty of Monts d’Ardeche on your way to Lyons, or visit the river valley of Loire Atlantique on the road to Nantes and the west coast.  

Day 22 Back on the ferry.  Drop off your campervan in London and start planning your next trip.


This itinerary is meant to inspire, but by no means should you follow it exactly! After all, this trip is about you.  What do you want to see? Where do you want to go? If you have an especially crazy idea (so crazy, it just might work) please get in touch- we want to hear about it, and if possible, make it happen for you!


Spaceships Pricing by pick up and drop off dates (rough estimate)


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May £35/45 £39/£55 £42/£65 £42/£69 £39/£65 £32/£49
June £42/£79 £45/£69 £42/£75 £42/£69 £32/£55
July £47/£75 £47/£85 £45/£79 £39/£59
Aug £49/£89 £47/£85 £39/£59
Sep £35/£45 £29/£35
Oct-Dec £19/£32



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