Bulls, barrels and bands — the best parties in the part of Spain that’s not really Spain.

Nestled in the north of Spain we find the Basque Country, a part of the country with rolling green hills and a dramatic Atlantic Ocean coastline, a culture rich in gastronomy, and a people who speak a language that is nothing like Spanish. The Basque Country is badass, and this road trip takes in the best bits, from the long sunny days spent in sometimes surprisingly big surf, to some of the world’s best live acts at Bilbao BBK Live, and winding down being chased by half-tonne bulls (or cheering those stupid/foolhardy enough to do it). This trip will give you a nice overview of the Badass Basque Country’s delights, and will ensure that you come back again for more.

Key Dates:
Zarautz Beach Camp: June 30-July 20
Running of the Bulls: July 4-15
Bilbao BBK Live: July 12-15

Suggested combo:
Friday, July 6: Zarautz Beach Camp
Saturday, July 7: Zarautz Beach Camp
Sunday, July 8: Check out and Stoke will get ya from Zarautz Beach Camp to Running of the Bulls – €15
Monday, July 9: Running of the Bulls
Tuesday, July 10: Running of the Bulls
Wednesday, July 11:Running of the Bulls
Thursday, July 12 :Check out and Stoke will get ya from Running of the Bulls to Bilbao BBK Camp – €60
Friday, July 13 : Bilbao BBK Live
Saturday, July 14 : Bilbao BBK Live
Sunday, July 15: Time to check out and say goodbye to your new Stoke besties.

Estimated Cost:
Stoke 9 night Stay €540
Transport between €75
Total €615

Zarautz Beach Camp
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Running of the Bulls.
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Bilbao BBK Live
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