When one Stoke trip isn’t anywhere near enough, why not let us link a few up for you? Not only is it cheaper, you’re doubling (tripling! quadrupling!) your good times.


In a marvellous twist of fortune, some Stoke Travel trips lineup, so you can pinball your way from one fun-soaked shindig to the next, from festival to party to getaway, a rollicking and rolling stumble around Europe, grinning like a fool while you repeatedly have the time of your life.

We’ve done some of the work to show you what trips you can bunch together for an ultimate trip whether it’s solo or with your best mates. There’s no set order or compulsory dates so just let us know what and when works for you and we will sort it! And to make this easier, so that your only concern is getting in as much fun/trouble as possible, there are private Stoke transfers between trips.

Summer in Spain is incredible and you don’t want to miss a thing. Take your pick and see what flows into the next: San Vino wine fight, San Sebastian Surf Camp, Running of the Bulls, Stoked in the Park, Bilbao BBK Live, Ibiza Beach Camp, Barcelona Costa Brava Beach Camp, La Tomatina, or our Barcelona City Break. Choose dates and lengths of time that suit and check in if we have any transport available. Choose your own adventure.

There’s a couple of special trip itineraries we’ve put together for you that take in the best of the best. Bulls, Barrels, Vino sees you rolling from the wine fights, to surfing in San Sebastian, and all the parties of San Fermin and Stoked in the Park. We probably say this a lot, but it really is the best.

The Spanish sees you hanging in Barcelona, bussing it with us to La Tomatina and then ferrying your way to the haven of Ibiza.

And your transport is sorted in between. Get in touch with us and we can help you make it happen.

Once you get on the Stoke Travel train you won’t want to get off, you’ll want to ride that baby all the way to the depot. It’ll be the sexiest flexiest thing you’ve ever done.

Once you’ve Stoked, you can’t stop

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