One wild night after another, are you ready for the most fun in your life?

This is the festival road trip that separates the partiers from the pretenders. We start in Ibiza, Europe’s infamous party island and home to back-to-back hedonism-soaked all nighters. Spend your days on the beach and your nights in the bars and clubs, getting yourself ready for Barcelona, where we’ll still spend our days on the beach and our nights in the clubs, but with added culture, tapas, and sightseeing. Once you think you can’t possibly have any more fun we load onto the bus and head to Munich, the site of Oktoberfest, and the final stop of this road trip. Here we’ll demolish one-litre mugs of delicious German beer, dance on tables and generally have the time of our lives. Did you survive the trip? Did it make you, or break you? Now go and have a rest — you’ve earned it.

Key Dates:
Ibiza Beach Camp: 1 June – 15 September
Barcelona City Break: year round
Oktoberfest: 20 September – 8 October  (overnight buses/2 night accommodation packages from Barcelona running each weekend)

Suggested Combo:
Thursday, September 13: Ibiza Beach Camp
Friday, September 14: Ibiza Beach Camp
Saturday, September 15: Ibiza Beach Camp
Sunday, September 16: Ibiza Beach Camp
Monday, September 17: Check out ferry and GoEuro options to get from Ibiza to Barcelona from €50
Tuesday, September 18th: Barcelona
Wednesday, September 19th: Barcelona
Thursday, September 20th:Stoke will get ya from Barcelona to Oktoberfest and back again for €230 (Overnight bus)
Friday, September 21th: Oktoberfest
Saturday, September 22th: Oktoberfest
Sunday, September 23 – Oktoberfest overnight → Barcelona
Monday, September 24: Arrive back in Barcelona and say goodbye to your new Stoke besties.

Estimated Cost:
Stoke 11 night stay and transport €795
Ibiza to BCN transport from €50
Total €845

Ibiza Beach Camp
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Barcelona City Break
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Check out the inclusions and book your stay here.

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