The Campervan Combo

Your Passport To An Out of This World Road-Trip Adventure

Spaceships Campervan Rentals offers the best value transport and accommodation package in Europe, making it that much easier to get your Stoke Passport stamped in your own time and in your own way.

By The Spaceships Rentals Media Team

Ever wondered what the cheapest way to travel and explore through Europe was? How about the easiest and most convenient way to take in up to four festivals and parties along the way? Want to travel your way, where you want and how you want? The Stoke Travel Passport and a Spaceships Campervan give you all these things and more. Two products, the same attitude and a world of adventures!

What does touring in a campervan mean for you?

Its Cheap. From just £15 per person per day for a camper, your accommodation and transport has never been cheaper. The fuel economy on our modern fleet means you get more bang for your buck. We did six countries on one tank. Forget the Weet-bix, how many can you do?

Combine this with the Stoke Passport giving you 12 all-inclusive nights across 4 of your choice of Europe’s biggest and best festivals for only €550 per person and it is an unbeatable combo. Pull in at the Stoke campsites with your handy wheels where you can do supply runs down to the local servo, put up your awning to shade under, turn on the power to charge up phones and open up your fridge to put the drinks in – you will be everyone’s new best friend.

Its Flexible. Thirty six – that’s how many countries you can tiki tour, hike, swim and party through and tick off the bucket list in a Spaceship. Rub it in your friends faces or scratch them off your wall map. You can pick them up and drop them off pretty much anywhere. Our depots are in London, Dublin and Edinburgh and one way hires are available to or from most major European destinations – Paris, Barcelona and Rome to name a few. While you’re working out where to go next, choose between 20 festival and party combinations that the Stoke Passport offers – amazeballs!

It’s Convenient. No worries about paying through the roof for beach side accommodation or a last minute hostel, just rock up in your spaceship and make yourself a home. If it’s a city you want to visit, our low viz branding makes it a lot less obvious that you are in a camper. Stay in the heart of the action on the cheap and stumble on home after a night out. No taxi, no hostel, no worries!

Lads and Lass’s on Tour. Along the way, jump on Facebook and join this year’s van tour. What could be more fun than doing a European Roadie? Doing it in a convoy with tonnes of other campervans. Meet up and party at locations all over Europe! It normally kicks off at Running with the Bulls and ends in Oktoberfest – oh and look at that, that’s just two of the festivals you can do with your Stoke Passport… it’s scary how well this all works! Do the entire thing or just the parts that suit you, remember, there is no fixed itinerary in this life, travel where and how you want for as long as you want.

While we may not be able to protect you from rampaging bulls, hangovers or other fantastic life choices, all our hires come with FREE Full insurance and roadside assistance, so at least Spaceships has you covered there! UK, EU, AUS, NZ, USA, Canada, Chinese and many other drivers licences are accepted and you can drive freely in Europe with no hassles.

As if that wasn’t good enough, just select “Stoke” when Spaceships asks how you heard about them in your booking and get an incredible 10% off and FREE SATNAV and Camping furniture.

Book your Spaceship Camper here and let your out of this world adventure begin.

Ts and Cs apply. 

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