¿Por que no? Indeed… this road trip is all about the wet stuff — from washing of the sins on the Basque Atlantic coastline to the world’s biggest (and only) red-wine fight in Haro, La Rioja. and all the beautiful people who are drawn to its docile shores of Ibiza. Why not wine and waves, we ask, knowing that for these 10 days and nine nights we can just about do both and then some. If you want to get wet and wild on the inside and out then this is the road trip for you.

Key Dates:
San Sebastian Surf House: June 1 – September 30
San Vino: June 27-30
Ibiza Beach Camp: June 1 – September 15

Suggested combo:
Saturday, June 24: San Sebastian Surf Camp
Sunday, June 25: San Sebastian Surf Camp
Monday, June 26: San Sebastian Surf Camp
Tuesday, June 27: Stoke will get ya from San Sebastian Surf Camp to San Vino – €40
Wednesday, June 28: San Vino
Thursday, June 29: San Vino
Friday, June 30: Check out of Vino and jump on a train/bus from Haro to Bilbao and then a flight from Bilbao to Ibiza for around €70 to Ibiza Beach Camp
Saturday, July 1: Ibiza Beach Camp
Sunday, July 2: Ibiza Beach Camp
Monday, July 3: Time to check out and say goodbye to your new Stoke besties. Or you could always just stay longer…

Estimated Cost:
Stoke 10 night Stay €600
Transport around €110
Total around €710

San Sebastian Surf Camp
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San Vino
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Ibiza Beach Camp
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