Ride with us form Amsterdam to Oktoberfest 2016 Amsterdam to Oktoberfest 2018

Amsterdam to Oktoberfest 2018

No need to smuggle your booze through customs, take our party bus.

Ride with us from Barcelona to Oktoberfest 2016 Barcelona to Oktoberfest 2019

Barcelona to Oktoberfest 2019

It’s less hassle and more fun with the awesome Stoke Travel crew.

Ride with us form Italy to Oktoberfest 2016 Italy To Oktoberfest 2019

Italy To Oktoberfest 2019

Going from Italy to Oktoberfest? Stoke Travel can drive you so you can kick back, relax and drink.

Ride with us form London to Springfest 2016 London Train to Oktoberfest

London Train to Oktoberfest

No impossible flight times, no need to stay sober, we get you where you want to be.

Oktoberfest 2019

Oktoberfest 2019

Oktoberfest is unashamedly about drinking beer, and we think that’s absolutely wonderful!

Ride with us form Prague to Oktoberfest 2016 Prague to Oktoberfest 2018

Prague to Oktoberfest 2018

There are new friends to be made and beers to be downed. Get the party started early!

Springfest 2019

Springfest 2019

Springfest has beer halls, big beer steins, Bavarian cuisine and beautiful people aplenty.

The Stoke Travel Festival Glamping

The Stoke Travel Festival Glamping

While Stoke Travel do go above and beyond when it comes to our standard accommodation, the Festival Glamping Palaces take it up a notch and then some, making sure that you’re comfortable, well-rested and the best version of yourself possible when it comes time to party with your thousands of new best friends.