Ibiza Beach Camp

Ibiza Beach Camp

It’s the world’s premier party destination, without exaggeration.

Join us to La Tomatina 2016 La Tomatina to Ibiza

La Tomatina to Ibiza

We understand that you do not want to miss out on La Tomatina, but you also want to visit our Ibiza Beach Camp.

Join us on our trip to Spring break Ibiza 2016 Spring Break Ibiza 2019

Spring Break Ibiza 2019

Springbreak and Ibiza go together like peanut butter and jelly. You want a taste?

The Stoke Travel Festival Glamping

The Stoke Travel Festival Glamping

While Stoke Travel do go above and beyond when it comes to our standard accommodation, the Festival Glamping Palaces take it up a notch and then some, making sure that you’re comfortable, well-rested and the best version of yourself possible when it comes time to party with your thousands of new best friends.

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