Three Reasons Why You Should Stay In A Hotel For La Tomatina

We love our camps! All of them, especially the La Tomatina beachside camp, just north of Valencia with its pool, and the playa, and onsite bar and restaurant and the huge parties we throw there and the even huger paella we cook… But sometimes we need a little hotel in our lives, and that’s why for La Tomatina this year we’re offering both options. Which one’s for you? Here are three reasons to stay in a hotel for Spain’s famous tomato fight.

  1. Your own bathroom!
    Ok, so we’re not sure if you know how a tomato fight works, but when it’s done you’re going to be mighty filthy, like covered in tomato pulp and whatever else filthy. Now, after the fight we do wash ourselves off in Buñol’s river, and the townsfolk do come out with hoses to clean us up, but you’re going to need a good scrub. At the campsite we recommend jumping in the sea, as the Mediterranean does a great job of washing away our sins and the pulp, but to get really totally ready for the official La Tomatina after party you’re going to need a shower. At the campsite they’re great, but they’re shared, so you might feel bad about spending too long exploring all your orifices for tomato seeds. But at a hotel, with your own bathroom, well heck, you can spend as long as you like tending to your nooks, crannies and the intricacies of your nether regions.
  2. A comfortable bed!
    Now, while we do provide air mattresses, nobody else does that, at our camps, nothing quite compares to the feeling of jumping onto a bed, a real bed (like the real beds at our surf camp), after a long day of tomato fighting and an even longer night of partying. Imagine the relief as your battle battered body sinks into the mattress, the audible puff of air being displaced from your bed as your body slumps into it for a good night’s sleep. At the camp, well it’s camping. So air mattresses are great and all, and you’ll have no trouble passing out on them, but a real mattress? Yeah, a real mattress would be really damn good.
  3. Privacy!
    Privacy in a tent is imagined privacy. You like to think that the metre or so of space and couple of layers of nylon between you and your neighbours is enough to soundproof your, erm, afterhours activities, but the obvious reality is that everybody in about a 20 metre radius can hear you opening another packet of jamon flavoured potato chips. Now everybody knows about your bedroom habits, mostly that you’re a fiend for late night snacking, even though you had your share of our huge paella. Privacy matters in these situations, you don’t want anybody to know your deepest, darkest desires and snackfood fetishes. In a hotel room nobody can hear you crunch. You can do what you want within those walls and nobody will be any the wiser. Also, if you plan on getting down to some sexing, hotels are obviously the choice of accommodation for getting freaky in.

Is your mind made up? Regardless of where you’re going to stay, you can’t beat Stoke Travel for La Tomatina as we go beyond the tomato fight and make a little holiday out of our time in Valencia. Plenty of parties, sightseeing and general good times with all your new best friends.