Mighty Kastle City Break

st kastle

Wanna sleep like a king and party like a prince? Well my amigos, Stoke Travel has a bit of a treat in store for you. About half an hour from the city centre of Barcelona stands an ancient four-storey castle so statuesque and stunning that it makes all the others look like plebiscite camps.

What’s it used for, you ask?

Eating, sleeping, boozing, chilling, exploring, relaxing, raving and repeating. Whatever you want it to be used for, basically. Sound like your idea of a good time? Let me tell you more.

As the name implies, the Stoke Kastle provides a perfect break from the city. This means no competing with crowds of tourists to cross the street each day, no noise travelling up into your window from party-goers walking through the laneways in the in the wee hours of the morning, no holding your bag with a tight grip while walking down Las Ramblas in case any swift pick pockets happen to target you, no struggling to find space on the beach or rejecting the poor blokes trying to sell you shit that breaks within minutes. Just the serene sounds of birds chirping and tree leaves rustling in the breeze… and your own party beats of course.

By day, the Kastle provides a peaceful hideaway with beautiful views, a chilled atmosphere and woods to explore. At night it comes to life with fairy lights, music, drinks and good times a’plenty.

Whether you’re a solo backpacker looking to make a bunch of new friends and have a damn good time or a travelling couple wanting to stay away from the city craziness, or a group of mates wanting to get the best of both worlds, the Kastle offers something for everyone. With easy access to the centre city for club night, walking tours and boat parties, and the option to go the natural route and visit the picturesque Costa Brava for a bit of snorkelling or paddle boarding or kayaking, the Kastle allows you to make the most of your stay in Barcelona.
So what are you waiting for? Jump online and book your summer stay while there’s still spots left!