Petrified at Pamplona Bull Run

San Fermin

Partied out and petrified at Pamplona Bull Run

My first Pamplona Bull Run was one I will never forget. I was completely sketched out by the idea to be honest, especially as I had YouTubed videos of previous years to try and get me hyped up for it. What a mistake that was, as my palms went clammy and I nearly wet my pants just thinking about running down those narrow Spanish streets. As I’m a bit of a pushover and a major FOMO sufferer I decided to tag along on the trip…and bulls mighty bulls, I am so glad I did.

When we arrived I was immediately amazed with the campsite. The Stoke Travel camp is set up on a picturesque hill of Pamplona, giving you stunning views of the Pamplona Bull Runsurrounding countryside when you crawl your sorry hungover arse out of your tent in the morning. It’s also in the prime position to see the fireworks explode through the sky over Pamplona each night without heading back into the towns chaos. The Stoke Travel guides explained it was the hottest year yet, so the campsite swimming pool completely hit the spot during the midday heat. Feet in the water, sun on our faces, cold beers in our hands – bliss. If I could have wafted the smell of fear away it would have been perfect.

Come night the DJ set up so we could get down at the Stoke Travel campsite. The beats were banging loudly, everyone was getting in the groove and there were some mighty fine dance moves to be seen. Our little slice of Spanish paradise on the hillside of Pamplona had an unbeatable electric vibe. I was surprised by the eclectic turn out of people as well, from French to Irish to Australian to Mexican. You couldn’t have asked for a friendlier crowd.

Once we reached Pamplona they split us into two groups (those who wanted to run and those who didn’t), being the whimp that I am I headed into the latter group so I could watch the madness from afar. The Stokies were full of bull(shit) facts about the festival and Pamplona, and definitely took us to a great spot to watch the Pamplona Bull Run to survive running of the bulls

After the Pamplona Bull Run was over we found a Stoke guide who then led us to the bar in town, and the party started with the free flowing beer and sangria. We played numerous drinking games, shaked our bodies and made tonnes of new international friends. Listening to all the war stories of the day made me feel guilty for not taking part but I was quite content watching the action from the side line.

Stoke Travel’s staff couldn’t have been more helpful or knowledgeable when it came to the Pamplona Bull Run, meaning we didn’t need to worry about a thing. And despite partying with us until 4am, the Stokies sure had their shit together each morning. Thanks for an unforgettable time guys, I will be back!