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Backpacker Travel | Oktoberfest, German’s Biggest Pissup

Backpacker Travel is already a fan of Oktoberfest in Germany! Are you? Almost seven million people, in seventeen days, will drink seven million liters of beer in Germany. We are talking about the worlds’ largest festival – fun fair, volksfest, piss-up, whatever you would like to call it – held annually in Munich, Germany… And […]

Backpacker Travel | 7 Tips To Survive La Tomatina

Backpack Travel is already a fan of La Tomatina! Are you? I know a few foodies who like to plan their holidays around what they’ll eat, and where. Whilst I personally tend to stick to a strict diet of cooking wine and expired food stolen from hostels when on the road, I can imagine that […]

Aussie On The Road | Top 12 Insane Parties To Attend Before You Die

Aussie on the Road is a fan of Stoke Travel Trips! Are you? One of the things I was most excited about when I went back to living on campus at university was the partying. Helping run the Nanking Nation Party Bus last year rekindled my love for a good, boozy evening out. As I […]

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