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How Dare She: Your first Oktoberfest – what you need to know

You’re headed to your first Oktoberfest? Congrats! Here’s what you need to know to make the most of the festival as a first-timer. There is a lot to consider from where to stay, what to wear, what you need to bring with you and, possibly most importantly, which songs you need to learn.

Tourradar: The Strangest Street Parties in Spain

About a year go we quit our jobs in Australia and relocated to Spain tasked with documenting the country’s weirdest and wildest traditional and cultural parties. We were familiar with the fiestas most people have heard of — San Fermin and its infamous Bullrun, La Tomatina at the end of August — as well as […]

Un entrevistado aguanta en directo en la BBC mientras le duchan con vino en Haro (La Rioja)

Vídeos como este nos recuerdan el encanto de las transmisiones en directo. Eso y que todo se puede ir de madre en cuestión de segundos. Toby Paramor, de la empresa de turismo de aventuras ‘Stoke Travel’, estaba siendo entrevistado en directo por la BBC cuando uno de los 3.000 asistentes a la mítica Batalla del […]

Glamping with Stoke – why you should do it

Why camp ever again? Glamp your way through Europe and never look back. Camping will never be the same again.

The Best Ways to Travel to European Music Festivals this Summer

Here are some of the best companies in the market who can help you travel to European music festivals this summer in the easiest, most organized way possible, often including transportation, accommodation, and an amazing festival squad as well!

Glamp your way around Europe’s best festivals this summer

Glamp your way around the crème de la crème of Europe’s festival scene without compromising on luxury

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