A guide to Oktoberfest: The happiest place on earth

I’ll be honest, when I first considered going to Oktoberfest, I saw it as a tick box experience that Kiwis HAVE to do when they live on this side of the world… I gathered my squad, booked a spot with Stoke Travel and ordered a dirndl (from Amazon for £25, absolute bargain), and jumped on an early Saturday morning flight […]


Hogmanay, is the original and the best New Year’s Eve celebration, set amongst Edinburgh’s ancient streets, where belting out Auld Lang Syne isn’t just acceptable, but mandatory, the festival being where the famous NYE song originated and was made internationally famous. But we don’t expect you to make the journey to Scotland for that song […]

Mehr Reisen Für Weniger Geld

Es ist immer dasselbe Problem, du willst die Welt sehen, aber du kannst dir kaum dein Mittagessen leisten. Dabei hilft dir Instagram auch nicht, wenn du permanent deine Freunde auf Fotos siehst, wie sie vor den weißen Wänden in Santorini posen und du steckst zuhause im Alltagstrott fest.

3 Things I Learned On My First Group Travel Experience

I’m a serial solo traveller, so group travel is an entirely new experience. Solo travel comes with many perks (I get to do what I want, when I want, and how I want) but, as I learned this past weekend, group travel can open the doors to new experiences that you wouldn’t normally consider when […]

9 Places in Europe Ideal For Solo Travel

Europe, because of how vast it is and with over 50 countries, still hasn’t developed one solid route that everyone takes. That’s why it’s important that if you’re a solo traveller, you know where the top destinations are to meet others!


Oktoberfest is the most famous celebration of beer in the world, in 2017, over seven million people flocked to Munich, with that many people and over 30 beer tents to choose from, not to mention the carnival and vendor tents, the first time at Oktoberfest can be a daunting experience, but at Stoke Travel we’ve been […]