Adventures & Sunsets Oktoberfest Guide

Oktoberfest is a bit different than most festivals I cover… but it is a festival just the same. Except it’s not centered around music, or food, or art, or spirituality…. it’s centered around beer… pure and simple. Or, bier as they call it here in Bavaria. This can mean any of a few things, including drinking your bodyweight in steins (over 1L of beer each… the only size they serve), having little to no recollection of returning home, but then saving yourself by eating your bodyweight in pretzels, pork knuckles, and sausages. And then riding a roller coaster or trying your hand at shooting in the carnival games. That’s how they do it here in Munich… it’s a massive party for sure. I went to the fest with Stoke Travel, who showed me a fantastic time. (Promo code below!!) Like most other similar travel companies, Stoke has a massive campsite located at Campingplatz Obermenzing just outside the city, but unlike the others, Stoke’s camp is completely decked out and throws awesome campsite parties each night as well. I wouldn’t have had a single complaint about it if it weren’t pouring rain the entire time I was there…. but what can you do? The campsite was awesome, and the people were as well. You could always find a group of people to head into the tents with each day after a few games of beer pong, or usually find your fellow stokies at the Lowenbrau tent. It was a pretty cool setup.

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