Beyond Blighty | Where to stay in Barcelona

Beyond Brightly

Deciding where to stay in Barcelona isn’t easy. Accommodation can be quite pricey, with even hostels setting you back around €20 a night for a crowded dorm room with cramped shower facilities.

When you’re spending a decent proportion of your holiday savings on a temporary bed, you want to make sure it’s somewhere great – a place you’ll remember not only for its facilities,  but for the people you meet there and the additional services it offers.


Stoke Kastle is a turreted hostel about 20 minutes’ drive outside the centre of Barcelona. The fact that it’s perched remotely on a hillside means you can enjoy unrivalled views during the day and party to your heart’s content at night without worrying about curfews and noise disturbance.

The building is a rustic country estate complete with hanging bridges, cobbled courtyards and antique decor. Most of the accommodation is in dorm room bunk beds, but private rooms are sometimes available on request. There are loads of chill out rooms to hang out in, as well as a small pool at the front. This place has so much character, you could spend hours just exploring – or even unleashing your inner child with a game of hide and seek!

Join a Stoke Kastle City Break for €60 a night (minimum two nights) and you won’t need to worry about planning anything. All of your needs are taken care of, from your meals and drinks to activities and transfers.

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