Europe’s Must-Do Festivals, June To October Edition

Europe’s Must-Do Festivals, June To October Edition

The festivals of Europe’s extended summer season are different to their wintery counterparts. Longer days and hotter nights mean that the old continent’s denizens are a little… looser. The stuffiness of the colder months is left behind and Europeans seem intent on overcompensating for having their heads down and scarves up from November until May.

This little list is a chronological must-do of summer soirees across the continent. We know that your day-to-day real-world plans may prevent you from ticking every festival off the list, which is why at Stoke Travel we say Fuck plans, follow your heart. Chuck it in, pack it up and hit the road — the first beer/sangria is on us.

San Vino

Being in Spain’s La Rioja red-wine region is nice! The rolling hills painted in vineyards, the cheap and ubiquitous bodegas, the hearty Spanish fare. The litres upon litres of red wine being poured on your head by rambunctious strangers… San Vino is the one morning of the year when this otherwise pleasant province turns wild, an all-in wine fight where friends and foes are indistinguishable due to their being painted in the region’s red. Think it’s a waste? Then fight with your mouth open.

Where: Haro, Spain

When: June 27-30

How: Stoke shuttles from San Sebastian and Barcelona

San Fermines

Forget about the bull run! If that’s something that you want to do, then do it! If it’s something that you hate, then hate it! We’re all about the street party, starting with the chupinazo at midday on the 6th of July and continuing all day, every day, and then at night, until the closing ceremony on the 14th. Dancing in the streets, eating in bars, riding on roller coasters, making out with Spaniards, running in the nude… on repeat, all day, every day, until you can’t stand anymore because your grin is weighing you down.

Where: Pamplona, Spain

When: July 4-15

How: meet us there, or link up with one of our private coaches from Barcelona

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