Flexible European Summer Travel: The Best Beaches, Festivals & More with Stoke Travel

Flexible European Summer Travel: The Best Beaches, Festivals & More with Stoke Travel

The Essential Stoke Travel Passport

When you’re in the city that has it all (Amsterdam, duh), the only thing you really need is a ticket out of there and maybe a little more sun. Stoke Travel, your infamous friends with the €10 open bar and unbeatable ambience across Europe’s greatest festivals, can offer you both, simultaneously, and we’ll tell you how in three easy-to-follow steps.

Step One
Free up some time in your schedule to get out of Amsterdam and taste the hedonistic fruits of the rest of the continent. Sure, you can Amsterdam ‘til your heart’s content, but make an effort to put aside a little time for the rest of Europe. There’s so much to do and see and if it’s great and worthwhile you can guarantee that Stoke Travel will be there.

Step Two
Compile your bucket list, or as we like to call it your “fuck it list”, because fuck it, you may as well hit the road and get into some good times, right? This is where the sun comes into play. In Spain alone, this year, we’ve got:

  • San Vino, the wine fight of Haro, La Rioja
  • San Fermines, the running of the bulls, Pamplona
  • La Tomatina, the tomato fight, Valencia
  • Barcelona City Breaks, activities and Boat Parties
  • The San Sebastian Surf Camp and Van Surfari, Basque Country
  • Ibiza Beach Camp (the last three are all summer long)

How’s that for a sun soaked summer? Throw on the tail of that our HUUUUGE Oktoberfest campsite and party and you’ve got a pretty packed summer schedule full of sun and parties and more sun and sun and surfing and parties and then Oktoberfest and then a hangover that lasts the winter.

Step Three
Take advantage of the ridiculously good-value, low cost and high inclusion Stoke Travel Passport.