Glamping with Stoke – why you should do it


While our beloved campsites were pretty great already, we here at Stoke Travel like to push ourselves a little and so we just made them better. For those softie Stokies out there with a little extra cash and little less tolerance for camping we bring you Glamping. Convinced yet? You will be.

YOU CAN GET DRESSED VERTICALLY: No more lying down and doing hip bridges just to get your pants on. You may need to find a new way to keep those butt muscles working but at least you can get dressed and feel like a somewhat well put together human at the same time.

YOU CAN BE ANY TEMPERATURE YOU WANT (WITHIN REASON): You know that damp clammy feeling when you wake up in a hot tent? Or the discomfort of trying to sleep with only your nose sticking out from under hats, scarves and sleeping bags in an attempt to stay warm while also breathing? No more! Our glamping tents are set up with lovely heaters at Oktoberfest and Springfest and with glorious fans at San Vino, Bulls and La Tomatina.

YOU CAN USE ELECTRICITY: We’re talking wifi and plugs and even light. As fun as it is to sit in the middle of your tent surrounded by all your shit with only a torch to help you find anything, it’s definitely way more fun to just turn on the light switch and get back to drinking and tomato throwing.

YOU WON’T HATE THE PERSON YOU SHARE YOUR TENT WITH: Rather than lying on top of each other and each others smelly socks, you will both have your own bed raised off the ground! And there’s a whole bedside table and mirror between you so if your roomie drank a lil too much the night before at least there’s no danger of them spewing it back up on you.

Look no further for your festival Glamping needs…