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Champagne Showers

I love red wine. I love the taste of it and the smell of it. I like how it makes me feel fancy as fuck, even if I bought it from the bargain bin and it tastes a bit like vinegar. I like drinking red wine and eating cheese and pretending that I can like, appreciate the flavours and shit. It makes my teeth black, my cheeks red and my eyes heavy, but I love it anyway. I just really love red wine.

But after getting the shit kicked out of me at La Batalla del Vino, I don’t want to taste, smell or see red wine for an extremely long time.

Haro is a sleepy town nestled into the foothills in Spanish Basque country. It is insanely beautiful, tiny and old with cast iron balconies, cobbles and red flowers in the windows; basically every Instagrammer’s wet dream. As far as I can tell, it is populated by many like-minded drunkards who come together one weekend every year to officially celebrate the drink that they love. Although there are some more traditional ceremonies (the mayor rides a horse, amongst other things), the main point of the Haro Wine Festival seems to be to drink copious amounts of red wine and, once everyone gets bored of that, throw it at each other.

We made our way to Haro from Barcelona by bus; a six hour drive through what looked and felt very much like a desert. Our driver was called José, a portly Spaniard with a fondness for crackly radio and no air conditioning. He took advantage of weird Spanish commercial driving laws by stopping as frequently as possible, leaving busloads of us sweaty and tired at godforsaken rest stops which suffered from unhappy staff and several layers of grease.

The party waiting for us on the other side was worth it though. There was a drink put into my hand before I’d even had the chance to put my bag down with the other. I was staying in a campground with Stoke Travel, about five minutes’ walk from the city centre. We made use of the unlimited beer and sangria until about 11, which is when the street party in the square really heats up.

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