La Tomatina & Ibiza Package Deals

Planning on making 2017 your biggest year yet? Take a look at this La Tomatina and Ibiza package holiday to make your mark on summer 2017.

Juicy Tomatoes And Sandy Beaches… A Perfect Combo

Okay so it doesn’t sound that perfect, but just hear me out…

Last minute La Tomatina Deals

Wanna wash the juices from La Tomatina off in the beautiful beaches of Ibiza this summer? Stoke Travel  has come up with the mighty good idea of mixing the two into a package deal for festival fiends who want to chill out after being doused in tomatoes.

If you don’t already know, La Tomatina is the world’s largest food fight festival where hundreds of thousands of overripe tomatoes (that would have been thrown into the dumpsters anyway) are put to good use and thrown into the faces of friends and foes a’many. It may sound a bit silly but trust me, it’s a whole lotta fun. After three days of food fighting, campsite partying and street fiesta-ing your outsides will be stained red; your insides will be stained purple (from all the sangria) and you will be well and truly in need of a rinse.

Which is why the little Tomatina/Ibiza package  Stoke has whipped up is a pretty sweet deal.

Cheap Ibiza Deals

The general plan is to get as saucy and sweaty as possible at La Tomatina in Bunol, Valencia then cool down and dry out at Stoke’s very own beach camp in Ibiza.

They’ll set you up with a little tent home in Puçol for two nights, party with you at the tomato festival, feed you delicious food and alcohol, then take you on a ferry over to Ibiza for four days of swimming, snorkelling, cliff jumping (if you wish) and all round good times. Ibiza is an island paradise of beatiful people and endless top clubs and parties. So if you didn’t party hard enough in Valencia they’ll be more than happy to take you out to some of Ibiza’s hottest clubs and beach parties where you can get your disco pants on. There’s some pretty sick DJs playing in Ibiza during your stay too so be sure to check them out. Finally, you’ll leave on a ferry back to Valencia where the Stoke crew will wave goodbye.

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