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You may not know this, but the Beach Boys never surfed. One of the Beach Boys dabbled, the drummer Dennis Wilson, but he was also a friend of Charles Manson’s for a while, so you could say that his surf pedigree is equal to his being­pals­with­the­worst­person­ever pedigree.

Despite not regularly surfing, the Beach Boys filled their catalogue with ditties about California, the beach, babes, summer, and shred dogging itself. One of the classic Beach Boys songs is Surfin’ Safari, and you know it. It’s the one that goes,

Let’s go surfing now,

Everybody’s learning how,

Come on a safari with me…

(Come on a safari with me).

What a classic hit! But it seems like the Beach Boys missed out on a great opportunity to lay claim to the term “Surfari” and go down in the annals of history as the guys who not only put down phat beats overlaid with catchy jingles, but also as masters of the pun.

Perhaps it was their lack of surfing pedigree that saw them miss that chance, the saltwater­free veins didn’t propel them towards the obvious pairing of “surf” and “safari”, but here at Stoke Travel we’re waxheads through and through, and as such the pun was second nature.

Yes, we claim responsibility for inventing the term Surfari, and for at least a decade now we’ve been using it to describe our surfing trips through Southwest France and Northern Spain.

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