Roaming Around The World | Oktoberfest On A Budget


Roaming arounf the world is a fan of Oktoberfest! Are you?

Stoke Travel does an all-inclusive camping package that we experienced first-hand at last year’s Oktoberfest. It was such a blast and we recommend it as the best option for value at Oktoberfest.

Stoke Travel Oktoberfest Review

It is camping after all. Don’t expect the Ritz. But it’s comfortable, crazy good fun, and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Have a good time with it. Tents, sleeping bags, and air mattresses are all provided and set-up for you. Just show up and grab a welcome beer, as a Stoke staff member shows you to your tent.

Equipment was mostly of good quality. Sleeping bags were clean and warm. Tents completely kept the rain out during the one day that it rained at last year’s event. There were some leaky air mattresses that didn’t seem to hold air, but if you find that yours leaks just exchange it for a good one. It’s a nice campground with clean bathrooms, food & drink options, wifi near the front, and Stoke has a charging station for your phones and other small electronics.

Hot breakfasts and big dinners are actually included in the price. The camp food was good and filling. Sometimes the meal lines got long but there was never any wait to get a free beer. Priorities! Oh, so you want to know about the free beer?

How to Get Unlimited FREE BEER during Oktoberfest

Stoke Travel offers a package that includes unlimited beer & sangria from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm every single day. Say goodbye to those expensive liters and drink as much as you want at the Stoke Travel camp instead.

The unlimited beer & sangria is normally an extra cost of €10 per day. But we contacted Stoke Travel to see if they would offer our readers any discounts. They actually decided to give you the unlimited beer & sangria package for free! Just use this link and enter ROAMING at checkout and you’ll have unlimited beer to drink at the Stoke Travel campsite throughout all of Oktoberfest. Winning!

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