The Stoke Travel Passport: Your Visa For Good Times

For many of us travelling or living abroad for extended periods of time, ending up with another passport is a bit of a goal. With multiple passports in one’s possession multiple doors open, visa-free access, the ability to live and work in exotic locations, and probably some enhanced ability to commit credit-card fraud, but that’s bad and you probably definitely shouldn’t do that.

But getting new passports is no walk in the park, in fact it’s no walk anywhere. The right to bear multiple passports is a right usually owed to the industrious and brave efforts of migrants, and their offspring, or those gorgeous enough to marry foreigners, and if you haven’t had the fortune to be born with an industrious, once-foreign ancestor, and lack the hotness and charm to attract and overseas mate, well, you might be plumb out of luck.

But never fear, for your not-so-hot friends at Stoke Travel came across this hurdle quite a long while ago, and in the absence of being able to get an additional passport through traditional means, we created our own, passport that is, not spouse, because artificial lovers are not one bit cool, no siree.

The Stoke Travel Passport opens up Europe for you, not in any official visa way, but in the way that being the bearer of one of these hot tickets allows you to attend all the greatest and best festivals and trips in Europe, without burdening you down with restrictive itineraries. The Stoke Travel Passport enables freedom in the intrepid traveller, while reducing FOMO by making sure you don’t miss out on Europe’s biggest bucket-list trips.

The Stoke Travel Passport allows you to choose four three-night trips from over 20 Stoke destinations, from bull runs to beer fests, traditional Spanish street parties and wild weekends in Ibiza, and everything and anything in between, and you don’t have to decide now, when you buy the passport your space is reserved on ALL of our trips, just tell us at least a week before the start date if you’ll be coming or not — if we don’t hear from you we’ll assume that you’re not coming along.

Want to find out how you can get your hands on one? We thought so…