Stoke Travel Presents: The Passport

One Stoke Travel trip is never enough, and that’s an immutable fact attested to by science. Our own science, obviously, performed and commissioned by us, but science all the same. We have observed that travellers just don’t want to leave us, and that some even stick around for long enough to become staff. It seems like our relentless dedication to ensuring that travellers have “the time of their life”, in whichever manifestation that may take, is winning us over some life-long fans.

To facilitate your soon-to-come addiction to Stoke Travel trips, we’ve launched the Stoke Travel Passport, a product that both reserves your space at all Stoke Travel destinations, eliminating the threat of missing out, and offers you unbeatable value for money.

The Stoke Travel Passport offers the bearer 12 nights all-inclusive at any of our trips, be they Europe’s biggest festivals, smaller but no-less-awesome Spanish street parties, our surf camps, or any of the city break and getaway destinations we offer. The way that works out is four trips at three nights each, selected from the more than 20 trips we have on offer.

You have two years from your first trip to use the Stoke Travel Passport, and only have to decide whether you’ll be attending a trip or not at least a fortnight before it begins. We like the idea of travellers leaving their itineraries open, but not missing out on the most popular parties; we know that travellers are individuals capable of creating their own Euro trips, but who want to reap the benefits of group travel from time to time.

Valid for over 20 destinations, you can use your Stoke Travel Passport at our most popular festivals, like Oktoberfest, the Running of the Bulls and La Tomatina, some up-and-coming Spanish street parties, like Las Fallas and San Vino, the wine fight, at destinations like Barcelona and Ibiza, skiing in Andorra, at our surf camps in Spain, Morocco, or on a Spain-France surfing roadtrip.

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