The Student Nomad: Oktoberfest for students

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Oktoberfest for students

We’re firm believers that a successful study abroad is one that adheres to the 70-100% travelling/fun versus 30-0% serious study ratio. Let’s be real, it’s very likely that you’ll only study abroad once, and if you don’t have the absolute maximum amount of fun possible then you’re probably wasting your time. But never fear, because your travels don’t have to be academic wastelands, nor do they need to be detrimental to your degree. Nay, with a dash of creativity and a swig of desire we can spin even the most hedonistic destinations like Munich’s Oktoberfest into centres of higher learning.

Oktoberfest As A Learning Experience For Students Of:


The world famous Bavarian beer festival has a long and rich history. Indeed, it’s history dates back some hundreds of years. How many hundreds? Ummm, we’re not sure, but beer is also very old. Pass us another beer.


You’re pretty sure that the natural world is doomed from multiple angles and it seems like nobody is doing anything about it so drinking delicious beer by the litre is kind of the only thing you can do right now, so excuse us while we drown our dread.


Where better than Oktoberfest to become acquainted with incoherent droolers who need you to help them pee? Also, alcohol is just like any other drug and needs to be correctly dosed. Work out what the recommend amount is and then go on to far exceed it.


Beer + The World’s Biggest Beer Party + Beer Loving Party People From All Around The World + Delicious Beer Snacks + Live Beer Drinking Music = One helluva beery good time.


See all those people waiting to be served? Let’s ask our good friend Pavlov about the significance of their salivating before settling in for a long session of listening to a stranger’s drunken life-story.



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