Surfing and Sun in Taghazout, Morocco

Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone makes for mega awesome travel experiences. Which is why this November, I decided to go all out and book myself a long weekend in Taghazout, Morocco, to try and learn to surf. Eek.

For the record, I’d never been on a surfboard in my life. I mean, I’ve done windsurfing, once, but I managed to knock myself out in the process and have therefore avoided it since. But hey, if you’re gonna learn, do it somewhere awesome – so I booked up Stoke Travel’s Morocco Surf Camp trip, packed up my carry on with swimwear and suncream and hopped on a plane for some fun in the sun. And plenty of falling into the sea…

Taghazout is a small village on the South West coast of Morocco, and a popular destination for surf fiends. The closest airport is Agadir, and I hopped in a cab from there to get to Taghazout itself. It cost ‎€30 for the transfer from the airport which is a bit pricey if you’re on your own, but there’s also a public bus service you can get.

Honestly? My first experience of exploring Taghazout wasn’t 100% positive. I’d arrived at my hostel around 9pm, to a friendly welcome and a BBQ dinner. Which was a pretty awesome way to arrive. I was getting pretty thirsty, so decided to go down into the village itself to pick up a coke, and as soon as I’d got onto the main street, three locals decided to shout at me from across the road to ‘come with them’. Not the best start, so I did feel a little on edge as I walked down to the shop to grab a drink and back up to the hostel. As a result, I spent the first night feeling pretty apprehensive and homesick, wishing I’d managed to convince someone to travel with me.

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