Year 13 | Go HAM At These Top 5 Euro Festivals

Year 13

Europe is renowned for its insane festivals. From alcohol-related to food fights to to running from giant bulls, they do all manner of crazy things in the name of tradition and fun. Here’s our top 5 cultural fiestas- try and decide which one you’ll be letting loose at.. if you can’t get to them all, that is.

1. Batalla del Vino in Haro, Spain

San Vino is one huge wine fight. The town of Haro in the La Rioja province of Spain is renowned for its wine. The locals love it so much that every year hundreds of them get together and throw it at each other. It officially begins at 7am on June 29th when the mayor leads everyone up to the city cliffs. Here the ruckus starts as all those carrying jugs, water pistols, buckets – pretty much anything that will hold a hefty amount of wine – begin pelting each other with saucy goodness. There are no friends when it comes to this war with a bottomless supply of vino. But I think we can agree that everyone is a winner in the end.

2. San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain

Imagine a massive weeklong street party, all day and night for nine days straight. Well that’s exactly what San Fermín is. The festival where the infamous Running of the Bulls takes place, you’ll have no shortage of things to do. The party kicks off at 12pm on July 6th when fireworks are let off, marking the beginning of festivities. From then on there’s non-stop drinking, dancing, parades, rides, and fireworks. Not to mention that daily Running of the Bulls at 7am every morning from 7-14 July. Let the Spanish show you how they party because they are certainly the experts.

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