Year 13 | The Healing Properties Of The Tomato

Year 13 - The Healing Properties

La Tomatina is the sauciest and pulpiest festival you’ll ever have the pleasure of partying at. Not convinced you should attend? Well, not only is it a bucketload of fun, but you’ll also benefit from a bunch of healing properties by participating in the infamous tomato fight. That’s right, you don’t even need to eat your veggies, just throw them around and they’re still good for you. I’ll bet your mum never told you that…

Tomato Pulp by Buñol – because you’re worth it

Who knew how good tomato is for your skin? Turns out the lycopene that is abundant in the tasty vegetable does a world of good for your pretty face. Not only does it shrink pores, fight acne and have anti-ageing properties, but it also works as a sunscreen. So you don’t need to worry about the Spanish sun turning you into a tomato while you catapult actual tomatoes around. Your skin will be absolutely glowing.

It’s getting hot in here, so clean out all your pores

Getting sweaty in a big crowd of sexy Spaniards doesn’t sound appealing? You’ll change your mind once you know the benefits of gettin’ your sweat on. We sweat out salt, cholesterol and alcohol. What does that mean for you? An un-bloated, unclogged, and un-hungover new you! Not to mention all those endorphins you’ll release. Then that night you get to go party in Valencia, where you’ll surely think of another way to get sweaty and release those endorphins. Bodily fluid ejection for the win!

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