Year 13 | The Top 5 Surf Spots in Basque Country

Year 13 - Top 5 Surf Spot

Take a walk through the golden gates: this is Basque Country, a bona-fide surfer’s heaven. This place is home to the Basque people in the western Pyrenees that spans the border between France and Spain on the Atlantic coast. With clean breaks and a consistent swell, there’s a wave for you whether your surfing capabilities resemble that of the next Kelly Slater or a monkey on a roof tile. We’ve rounded up the top five spots to shoot the curl (or eat some foam) along this magnificent stretch of coastline.


Zarautz has a curved shape that allows all sizes of wave to break around the same area, so you can surf the same beach as the big dogs and feel like a boss. However, the Atlantic swell can sometimes come in pretty strong, at which stage you can choose to take it on guns blazing, or fake a leg cramp and swim ashore for a beer.

San Sebastian

San Seb is a small, glorious city that’s pretty much built on surf culture. Pick your spot at one of the city’s three beaches: Zurriola for bigger waves and crowds to match, La Concha or Ondaretta if you want a more mellow vibe. When your noodle arms can paddle no further, take a stroll to the Old Town for some pintxos and local cider.


Cross over into France from San Seb and you’ll reach this classy resort town, where the wines are as good as the waves. Once the hot vacation spot for dukes and dames of ages past, it’s a bit more glossy than your typical surf town. All the action’s at La Grande Plage – and if you’re feeling flush after your surf, head to the beachfront casino to throw some chips.

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