Getting Shitfaced At San Fermin

San Fermin

Yep, we said it, shaitfaced at San Fermin

Would you like the feeling of being the most mighty person in the world, and some sort of gladiator? Pick up the sand between your fingers and ask, “Are you not entertained!?” Getting messy? Wearing white before Labor Day? And running? Wait, what am I thinking? No one who is normal likes running. I meant drinking in San Fermin.

One of our favourite festivals, in the beautifully green area of Navarra, San Fermin is not just about the bulls. For 8 days the whole city is decorated with white, red, fireworks, live music, and beautiful Spanish people enjoying their festivities in their beautiful city. Oh and plenty and plenty of red wine.

Come with us to Pamplona for the festival of San Fermin, where you can be a matador, a runner or a live viewer of one of the most famous festivals and events in the world, with all your friends.

If you choose to Run with the Bulls, at 8am, with your heart pounding and fingers trembling you will face those bad boys with all the adrenaline you can muster. And ah maybe then run into the wall because you’re still drunk from our booze last night. Try not to do that.

After the run, enjoy unlimited beer and sangria in our centrally located bar and whenever you’re ready, head to our campsite with a pool and a river and festivous delicious foods, where we have live entertainment in our hillside campsite. And you can just sleep in the sun and call your mum and tell her you just Ran with Bulls.

…And you can join us for Stoke Travel’s Running of the Nudes…

If you are there early, for the opening… the “Txupinazo” (a ginormous event in itself), Stoke is also attempting to set a world record for the world’s largest nude run. From the Stoke bar to the town hall, we think we can do it. We have the numbers, do you have the balls? (or the boobs)?

Click here for more information about the nude run.

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