Sitges Carnival From Barcelona

Ride from Barcelona to Sitges for Spain’s most flamboyant Carnival  

Do you know what New Orleans’ Mardi Gras and Rio’s Carnival have in common? They’re both the same goodamn party! Mardi Gras is merely the French phrase for Fat Tuesday, the last Tuesday of carnival, before the 40 days and 40 nights of Lent that roll into Easter.

Lent is a time for abstinence, when the devout are supposed to deny themselves some of the better things on Earth — sex, booze, meat, chocolate — anything that’s enjoyable and not directly related to one’s connection with the Big G-Man upstairs.

So it makes sense that traditionally in the week before this barren six-week test of abstinence people would let their hair down, like really, really let it down, in a week-long orgy of orgies and other debauched antics, and while the whole “40 days and 40 nights of abstinence” thing thankfully hasn’t taken a hold, the hedonistic celebration that prefaces it has.

Now we just party like monkeys full of rum and don’t do any of the boring refraining stuff afterwards. What a time to be alive!

So Fat Tuesday was traditional the day when those poor faithful suckers would eat fatty, meaty meals before regressing to a month-and-a-bit of water and newspaper, or whatever the fuck it is that they’d eat.

Nowadays we do it a little differently. In New Orleans Fat Tuesday is a drunken bacchanal that sees frat boys and middle-aged men alike lose their minds over the prospect of swapping some beads for a glimpse of boobs, while in Rio the sambadrome and city fill with people wanting to dance, drink, and maybe catch a glimpse of tasseled titty.

In Barcelona we won’t be outdone, so we load up the buses and take a short trip south to Sitges, Spain’s gay capital, for a night of dancing and drinking, as the annual and elaborate parade rolls past, always laden with dancing girls and guys.

Stoke starts the night with an hour of unlimited beer and sangria, so any inhibitions that weren’t chased away by your masks and fancy dress are well and truly eliminated. Then we bar hop, party in the street, dance with the parade, whatever tickles your fancy, before reboarding the private bus that you arrived on and heading home.


We’ve been to more carnivals than anybody in Barcelona, and our good-time guides will make sure you get to the best parts of the party. This is not a party to miss, reserve your spot now and don’t miss out on the madness.