Stoke Travel's very own battle of the bands: win a European tour!

Stoke Travel, Europe's biggest festival travel operator, are giving one lucky band or DJ the chance to win a dream tour around Europe. The winning artist will score gigs at London Big Day Out, San Vino/The Wine Fight, Running of the Bulls (Stoked in the Park Festival) in Pamplona, Stoked In The Park Barcelona, Ibiza Beach Camp, La Tomatina tomato fight and Munich's Oktoberfest.

Flights and accommodation, as much beer as you can drink, and guaranteed crowds are taken care of. The winning artist will need only bring an unmatchable energy to these events and share their passion for music with the 30,000 + punters that will attend the events over the summer.

The Event

When: April 14th from 2pm till 12pm

Where: The Lansdowne Hotel,
2 - 6 City Rd, Chippendale
Sydney, NSW

The winner will be crowned at the first annual Stoke Soundcheck event at the Lansdowne Hotel. A classic Stoke party, not to be missed, where finalists will get the chance to impress a pumped up crowd and some music industry legends.

The purpose of the Stoke Soundcheck event is to give unsigned artists the chance to share their music with an international audience and to serve as a launching pad for up-and-coming musicians and DJs. It is our great honour to open the doors to Europe for those who wouldn't otherwise wouldn’t be in the position to go on a European tour. We have the crowds, experience, locations, accommodation and the events to be able to provide this opportunity for the benefit of our winning artists and ultimately for our festival guests who get to experience new music and the inevitable incredible moments that live music is synonymous with. You will forever be the soundtrack to their summer of 2019.

And one day when you’re famous, we only ask that you give us a shout out on the radio!

The Selection Process

What really matters to the judging team and to us here at Stoke Travel, is that the artist has the ability to work a crowd -- to move people in some way. There’s no status quo at Stoke Travel so feel free to be unashamedly honest on stage. The successful musical geniuses will be an experts in making our crowd, dance, think or feel something. Helping us decide who to send on the dream tour will be the likes of our hero Dan Mac from Art v’s Science (who played Stoked In The Park Pamplona in 2018), and members of The Delta Rigs.

No one loses at Stoke

There is a world of possibilities open to entrants. We have multiple slots for bands to play events both in Australia and Europe, so if you don’t end up winning that golden ticket, there’s still plenty of fun to be had and gigs to be played…. Annnd how about some free shit? We’re going to give all entrants 3 nights free at any of our European or Australian events for the next 2 years, because we’d love you to be our guests and who doesn’t love free shit?

Where will you play with Stoke?

London Big Day Out

San Vino/The Wine Fight

San Sebastian Surf Camp

The Running Of The Bulls/Stoked In The Park Pamplona

Stoked In The Park Barcelona

Ibiza Beach Camp

La Tomatina


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