Stoke’s Spanish Phrasebook

spanish travel phrasebook

Seven Spanish sayings that’ll tug at your tortilla

Language apps are great, but they don’t always teach you the most practical phrases. Speak español like a sultry señorita with our curious Spanish expressions, which are definitely more useful than “Elefante como una manzana” (thanks for that, DuoLingo).


  1. Me suda la polla

Literal translation: It makes my dick sweat.

Meaning: I don’t care/don’t give a fuck.


Dude: “I don’t have a condom.”

You: “Me suda la polla.”


  1. Me cago en la leche

Literal translation: I shit on/in the milk.

Meaning: Goddamnit.

With varieties: me cago en ti (on/in you), en tu madre (on/in your mum), en dios (on/in God), en todo (on/in everything), or en la leche de tu madre.


Boss: “You’re fired.”

You: “Me cago en tu madre!”


  1. Relaja la raja

Literal translation: Relax your pussy.

Meaning: Chill out.

Example: “You haven’t written back to my emails in over a fortnight, are you alive?” “Relaja la raja, Mum.”  


  1. Me toca los huevos  

Literal translation: It touches my balls.

Meaning: I’m not bothered.


Waiter: “I’m sorry ma’am, we don’t have Coke, only Pepsi. Is that okay?”

Tourist who speaks excellent Spanish: “Me toca los huevos.”


  1. La madre que te parió

Literal translation: The mother who bore you.

Meaning: Insult similar to “you bastard”. Can be used in a comradely way, when a friend has done something that surprises you.


Friend: “Hey, I hooked up with your cousin.”

You: “La madre que te parió! She’s so hot.”