Travel for free, get to know beautiful Barcelona, take steps towards being a professional writer and maybe make some pocket money. Stoke Travel is building its writing internship program and we’re looking for travel freaks like YOU.

As the sun sets on another gangbusting summer of Stoke we’re setting our sights on building up our content team and putting ourselves on track for travel industry/world domination.

We are a young company based in Spain dedicated to giving individuals creative space to grow, both on our trips and in our offices. We’re flexible in our approach and seek to nurture your ideas rather than force ours onto you, especially in terms of content creation and copywriting. We are Europe’s number one festival travel company and growing, each and every year putting tens of thousands of young travellers into the times of their lives, due in part to our progressive content strategy. We are constantly evolving and growing our destinations, team and approach.

Stoke Travel believes in creating content that exists to entertain and engage the audience more than simply hawk our once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Our Stokepedia blog offers travellers practical advice as well as intrepid anecdotes, drawing on current affairs and personal experience. As a young, creative company we strive to be on the vanguard of content strategy, putting quality of content above everything, while implementing strategies that play to evolving SEO, new journalism and social media trends. We believe that everything and anything published through our portals must offer the audience something more than sterile product descriptions and pushy promotions; we employ classic storytelling, satire, brutal honesty, and unashamedly playing to people’s wanderlust to tell our brand’s stories.

But enough about us, let’s talk about you.

You are a literate travel addict, someone more interested in accumulating stamps in your passport than shekels in your money bag and way more interested in the value of good times than passport stamps. You want to spend a while, a few months, years, decades, working and travelling, travelling while working, honing your writing skills and becoming familiar with the machinations of writing for profit from industry professionals. You read widely, are actively engaged with social media trends and can regale your friends at home with a well-spun travel tale. You’re open minded, easy going and will drop everything when a good time presents itself. Bonus points if you have a blog and/or skills behind the lens.

We can offer you an environment to grow not only your writing style, but your skill set. If you need to complete an internship for your undergraduate degree, we can sign off on that. We offer a bed in our Barcelona staff house, travel around Spain and Europe when trips are underway, and parties every dang night in Barcelona. We offer you mentors with the experience and ideas needed to take you closer to your writing career. We guarantee you the time of your life with your Stoke Travel family.

We don’t offer paid internships, but… we do have a commissions system that could see you earn more than enough to sustain your stay and perhaps do some travel afterwards. Through our affiliated blogger program you’d be given your own promo code and we’d help you set up and maintain your own blog through which you’d have no shortage of events and trips to promote and collect commissions on. Your internship with Stoke would require you to write for our blog and your own, and we would provide all the assistance you need to make it financially worthwhile to you.

Is this the opportunity you’ve been looking for? Perhaps it seems perfect for a friend. To find out more about Stoke Travel, check out our website and explore our blog. Send expressions of interest to gravy@stoketravel.com. Tell us what you’ve been reading and the last place you travelled to. Sign up to the best time of your life.